We all seem to take dozens of photos each week, but do any of them show what life is really like as a mom? We asked some of our favorite moms to share one photo from their day that leaves the pretty filters and curated backdrops behind to give us a true glimpse into motherhood.


One photo- Rachel

Yup, this looks about as close to real life as you can get as a mom! Rachel Drechsel, mom of three, shared this moment with her son, Charlie, who at age 3 has his own custom hashtag on her Instagram account, #WhyisCharlieCrying. "In this particular picture, I think he was crying because I was taking his picture," says Rachel.

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One photo- Sarah V.

Can you spot the baby?

Mom to three girls, Sarah Vasquez puts aside (for a brief moment!) her talented professional eye for taking gorgeous photographs to share this picture from her daily life. "My life has been taken over by baby gadgets! Working from home (see the computer and Boppy over there?), I'm totally guilty of falling into the marketing trap of entertaining Baby long enough to get something done," Sarah candidly tells us. "It should also be noted that my living room is not normally this clean!"

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One photo- Andrea

They'll never know the truth

Sweet little Lucy and Henry will always remember how their mom used to take them to get cookies for breakfast after they'd drop big brother, Charlie, off at school in the mornings. The real reason behind this morning treat? Yup, you guessed it, moms. Andrea bravely confesses, "I forgot, yet again, to order Nespresso capsules and mama needed her coffee this morning."

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One photo-Erin

Don't let the sunshine fool you

"Mommy Battle #276 of the Day: Do I make my kid suffer in the freezing cold, just to get us outside and take advantage of the sunshine? Or, do we stay inside all day?" Erin, mom to that little bundle in the stroller, Harper, shares this motherhood moment, one that many of us will debate in our own heads this winter. "We bundled up and went for it!"

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Pilates, the advanced class

One photo- Mona

"Here's a very real moment in my house," shares mom to two, Mona Concepcion. "My boys are fighting over my leg and yelling, 'No! Mine! Mommy's leg is mine!' and I have to explain to them that my leg is actually mine and it's not up for grabs, please. I haven't conquered the level of Pilates to actually stretch that far yet."

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One photo- LIndsay

Vacation in t-minus...

"It's 9:46 p.m. My daughter is crying in her room (I can hear it in the monitor) because she is hyped up and still wants to play," shares mom, Lindsay, about this photo from her day, "I, on the other hand, am exhausted. I just started packing for a trip we're taking in the morning. Our ride arrives at 8 a.m. Sigh."

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One photo- Nicole

Another day, another haircut

Nicole, mom to 3-1/2-year-old Audrey, titles this photo from her day, "Turn your head this way. Now to the left. No, your other left. Look up. LOOK UP!" We have to admit that we're pretty impressed that Nicole tackles these haircuts herself — while we love a good DIY, this is one brave mama!

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One photo- Sarah

When shirt meets jacket

Oh, you know. Just another day in the DeNike home, where the latest and greatest new fashion designs are hitting the runway, um, hallway. Up first, the shacket. A shirt meets jacket, obviously. Mom to two boys, Sarah DeNike shares, "Will came in while I was working to tell me that he was wearing a shacket." We have to admit, it's a pretty good idea.

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One photo- Molly

Making messy memories

"There's a beer in the background, so we must be having fun!" shares mom of two girls, Molly. "This is our Saturday afternoon bonding time. Charlotte and Evie are helping me make pretzels for a potluck." We love that they were able to capture this photo of everyday life at home on the weekend, kitchen mess and all! "Charlotte is my little baking helper. We love making messes in the kitchen together."

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Keep your eye out online for additional projects, Instagram feeds and bloggers who are encouraging moms to post photos of their everyday lives, including one from our very own allParenting writer, Laura Tremaine, on her blog, Hollywood Housewife and her Instagram feed.

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