Posted: Jan 24, 2014 8:00 AM
Have you heard? The hot new trend for moms is mom tattoos. Tattoos for moms with kids' names is overtaking the mom world. Real women — and tattoo artists! — share their mom tattoo styles and ideas. Is this trend for you? Click through to find out!

A hot trend for the mom crowd is tattoos. Yes, tattoos. Specifically tattoos geared toward celebrating motherhood. Moms are getting creative, beautiful and nostalgic tattoos commemorating this defining time in our lives. Some mothers are tattooing their children's names, birth dates or birth places. Others, are choosing symbols representing their children's interests. And still others, are choosing tattoos in honor of loss or of their own mothers.

Awen Briem, who transforms your ideas into [tattooed] reality at Art With a Point, says, "Actual moms are getting actual tattoos. And lots of them! (Both moms and tattoos, that is.) The tattoos are as unique as the women who wear them, from the half sleeve of colorful waves and lotus in honor of her son (even though the 4-year-old stated he would've preferred Batman) to an original purple crayon drawing by a 6-year-old (who supervised the tattoo procedure for quality control) to a full back piece of an Egyptian falcon — and as a throwback with a twist, an anatomical heart with a banner reading "Mam," a recognition of a Mom on a Mom, celebrating two generations. The ideas and designs are too countless to mention, there's no doubt that moms everywhere are rocking some sweet ink!"

Mom tattoos: Amber McIntosh

Women are choosing mom tattoos as permanent odes to motherhood. Six women share their own mom tattoos and the stories behind them.

Amber McIntosh is a nature-loving mom. About her mom tattoo, McIntosh says, "I have a very simple tattoo on my left wrist of an aspen leaf since my daughter's name is Aspen."

Mom tattoos: Gabby OrcuttGabby Orcutt is a photographer and mother of one. About her mom tattoo, Orcutt says, "I'm a newborn photographer and a lover of baby feet. I always wanted a tattoo but didn't find "the one" until my husband and I had our daughter, Lily. Then I just knew. I have a tattoo of my daughter's footprints from her baby book. They were taken while I was still at the hospital with her. It's on my back right hip. Lily always giggles when she sees her feet on my back (she's now 3) and says, "There's my baby feet!" She just loves it. I'll be doing the same after having another baby."

Mom tattoos: Kristen ParenteKristen Parente is the mother of a 1-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old angel whom she chooses to keep with her forever through her tattoo. About her mom tattoo, Kristen says, "I tattooed my ankle for my son Derek Anthony. He passed at birth in February of 2011. I found myself looking for a way to keep a part of a child I never got to know with me. It's a taboo subject in society and hard to bring up around people but I found myself wanting to acknowledge him, as for the short time I had him in pregnancy, he meant so much to me. I designed a Precious Moments character with his red-headed feature. I then found the puppy we buried with him, a Ganz item, online and shrunk it, so that the character is looking at the puppy. I love the idea of tattoos for moms mainly because it captures a small window of time forever, whether it's your child as an infant, toddler or even before they're born."

Mom tattoos: Kjersti Bohrer

Kjersti Bohrer blogs at Wild Child Mama about her journey from being a wild child to starting a ministry for women in the adult industry. About her mom tattoo, Bohrer says, "I usually get tattoos during transitional periods of my life to illustrate an experience that has profoundly impacted me. "Mom" is for my mother who died this summer. This tattoo celebrates our journey from being estranged to returning to love and forgiveness in the final months of her life."

Mom tattoos: Pattie Roberts

Pattie Roberts is an analyst with an English degree. About her mom tattoos, Roberts says, "I'm a stepmom with tattoos on my hip that represent my stepdaughter as well as my stillborn bio-daughter. The tattoos are a dragonfly, which is my stepdaughter's favorite creature, and two daisies, which was my late daughter's name (Megan Daisy). What's a bit different about me is that I'm 60 — not exactly a prime tattoo target market!"

Mom tattoos: Mary FretlandMary Fretland is a stay-at-home mom who recently celebrated the milestone of sending all three of her boys off to elementary school. About her mom tattoo, Fretland says, "My tattoo is composed of two Celtic images. The design is a symbol for motherhood intertwined with an eternity knot. My tattoo represents both my own motherhood as well as recognizing the eternal influence a mother has, not only on her own children, but also on generations to come. I got my tattoo when my mother was very ill and I knew her physical time with me was limited. It was a comfort for me to put a reminder of her continued influence on my forearm. I see my tattoo constantly and it reminds me of my mom as well as the enormous responsibility I have to my boys."

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