Ringing in the New Year often brings plans of a New Year's resolution. This year, make the world a better place with these selfless New Year's resolutions designed to improve the lives of others.

Most New Year's resolutions focus on improving ourselves: losing weight, getting organized, getting out of debt. But amazing things can happen if we re-think our resolutions and instead focus on helping others. These moms share their generous resolutions for the New Year.wrapped gift

Surprise gift giving, all year long

Cadence Rose, mother of two in Minnesota, has plans to anonymously give to others in the coming year. "I plan to give a handmade gift every month to someone or some place that needs or deserves it, without them knowing where it came from," she says. "The important part is that they don't know who gave it to them, only that there is someone out there who cares."

The gift of a good meal

When facing a major illness or life change, even making a simple meal can be a challenge. Colorado mom Katie R. hopes to make someone's day brighter by gifting meals in the New Year. "I'm going to make a meal and dessert once a week to be delivered," Katie says. "It may be for a family facing cancer, a job loss, illness, a birthday or even an over-worked mama." She adds, "It could be for a family I know very well or not at all and it may be a gift simply 'just because.'"markers

Making a teacher's day

Teachers often go without the thanks they deserve for the hard work they do. Sarah B, a mother of four in Texas, resolves each year to change that by raising the spirits of her children's teachers. Sarah says, "I try to do something once a month to encourage their teachers. Sometimes it's as simple as an email of something sweet my kids said about them that I know they would want to hear. In late winter, I send additional school supplies that I know teachers typically buy out of their own pocket when they start running low. I feel like it is such a blessing to have good public schools available, the least I can do is invest in their teachers."

Giving through causes that matter

I'm looking forward to the very selfish feeling that accompanies doing good, but even more, I'm looking forward to being a small part of something that makes a difference.

AllParenting editor Laura Willard wants to give back in the New Year by supporting a cause that matters to her. After years of wanting to get involved but always feeling short on time, she realized that if she really wanted to volunteer, she could if she made the time.

“Recently, I considered all of the causes and problems that matter to me... and there are a lot! But at the end of the day, hunger is an issue that I find extremely troubling,” Laura says. “So this year, I'm going to become involved with a local food bank. I will donate money and food, but more importantly, I really want to give my time. I'm looking forward to the very selfish feeling that accompanies doing good, but even more, I'm looking forward to being a small part of something that makes a difference."

Resolve to do good

This year, consider resolving to help others with your New Year's resolution. When your resolution involves helping others, you'll be more motivated to keep it, especially when someone else is counting on you. Chances are good that your selfless New Year's resolution will improve your life just as much as the person you help.

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