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When people asked how my husband and I met, I used to start the story with, "This is so embarrassing…" but not anymore. Finding your other half online is pretty common.

Gone are the days of meeting "the one" at the bar, the library, the frat party. No, today's love birds find one another in increasingly modern ways, often online. My love found me online in just such a way. Maybe you're wondering if you'll ever find the "right" one, or maybe you already have. Either way, read on for some sweet stories and pictures from couples who first connected via Wi-Fi.

Our story

Love online- Sarah and AdamIt was MySpace that brought us together. Yes, MySpace. That thing that came before Facebook. Every time I tell the story, I feel even older.

He saw my profile and thought I was cute. Turned out we lived in the same city, so after a couple of interactions online, he asked me on a date. Not a cyber-date, not a chat, but an in-the-flesh date. I'd seen one too many late-night specials on internet predators and was prepared to say "no," when a friend said she knew him from school and that he was a good guy. A good enough guy to deserve a chance.

So I agreed to meet him at the Dairy Queen. Well-lit, densely-populated DQ. Seemed safe enough. Turned out I would have been safe meeting him anywhere... he was indeed a good guy, and a year and a half later, we were married on a beach in the Dominican Republic.

Monica and Steven

Love online- Monica and Steven"I believe [my friend] Melissa and Steven met on an online dating site," Monica recalls. "I'm not sure which one. I remember the first time I saw a picture of Steven; I was at Melissa's house and she was checking something on her MySpace. I think my exact words were 'Who is that? He's hot!'"

"Well she told him to get in contact with me on MySpace. I'm not sure what she told him or how she got him to talk to me, but after a while he did. We would chat online a lot. We did that for about four or five months, chatting almost nightly. I was working two jobs in KC and decided to 'run away' for a weekend, and I asked if I could stay with him. It was just one of those 'everything felt right' weekends. Now we have been married six years and have the cutest 3-year-old you'll ever meet."

Melissa and David

Love online- Melissa and David"David and I met online in August 2011. We actually met on Craigslist! While I wouldn't suggest it for everyone, it worked for us. I had posted an ad looking for a Christian guy, he responded with words that caught my attention, majorly. Through that, we decided to meet on Labor Day 2011 (Sept. 5). When I arrived, David was already there. I made quick eye contact with him and got nervous because of how handsome he was. I finally settled in and it was an amazing first date. For the next 11 months, we pursued a relationship, discussed the future, I met his boys, and we started looking to build a future together.

On Aug. 3, 2012, David proposed with a flashmob, planned with the help of my best friend, Misty. He used a song from my favorite childhood movie, The Little Mermaid. I was completely surprised and floored!"

Lisa and Philip

Love online- Lisa and Philip

"I joined eHarmony at the age of 27 and Philip and I were matched on Aug. 14. We followed the four steps to open communication that eHarmony used at the time and were each intrigued by the other. I am not a believer in love at first sight, but I knew something was different when our eyes met for the first time," Lisa recalls. "There was immediate chemistry. We easily shared stories and laughed as we dined. Our second date was a day at the National Zoo; we took our first photo together that day (a "selfie"). We both told eHarmony to stop sending other matches shortly thereafter. I introduced him to my family a month later. We dated exclusively for several months before he was deployed by the Dept. of Defense to Afghanistan for three months. He proposed to me a month after arriving home from the deployment, in October of 2008. After a six-month engagement, we were married on April 18, 2009.

Image credit: Hamilton Photography

Linda and Tom

love online- Linda and Tom

"I was 64 and a widow of almost two years when a free offer to join Perfect Match appeared amongst my other email. Because it was free I decided to fill out the form as honestly as I knew how and include a picture. I was in full-time ministry as a pastor, so my profile probably seemed rather dull, almost Mother Teresa sounding, since my life was mostly preaching, teaching, mission work, etc. After pushing the send button, I heard pretty quickly from several potential matches. The only one that was of interest was Tom, a widower of eight years."

Linda and Tom each thought the other's profile was too good to be true, and became suspicious. "He thought I was being controlled by a church (my email included the church name). He thought perhaps this was a Sunday School project. I thought since there was no picture of him that Perfect Match had conjured up this man, only to get money out of me. So my next note read like this: 'Are you a real person or is this a hoax?' He read the note and fell on the floor with laughter, knowing that I was a genuine person of interest. He had given up on finding someone through the internet, so we still don't know why his name was still there. Anyway, the rest is history. We wrote lots of emails, eventually talked on the phone (six hours the first time) and then met in person. I was extremely nervous since I had not dated since I was 18 years old. We liked each other very much; similar personalities and values, but then we fell in love and married rather quickly."

Bottom line^ The internet is full of people looking for a meaningful relationship. Awesome people like you. So don't be nervous — find a dating site and give it a go. You might be surprised at who you find!

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