Romance comes in lots of forms. Sometimes the best thing your partner can do is vacuum the living room for you. We asked real moms to share stories of the most romantic thing their partner has done.

This Valentine's Day, embrace romance in all of its forms. We asked moms to share their favorite stories of love and romance.

Hot wings

isolated hot wings

Romance can be as simple as knowing your favorite comfort food. "I had gotten behind on laundry and taken it all to the laundromat," says Colleen from Wisconsin. "He and his son showed up with boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and the three of us had lunch while my clothes dried. Totally not typical, but it was super sweet — he knows those wings are my favorite!"

Unconventional flowers

When asked what her idea of romance was while dating her husband in college, Jennifer from New Jersey said, "Flowers for no reason." During the summer, she and her husband each went back to their childhood homes on opposite ends of the state. "Three weeks later, I receive a card from him with a bouquet of flowers on it. 'He remembered,' I thought fondly as I opened it — a shower of easily a hundred cut-out pictures of flowers taken from magazines and seed catalogs fell into my lap."

Extra effort

When asked what her husband's most romantic gesture was, Elizabeth from Alabama recalled an epic trek. "He drove cross-country with minimal stops and a four-hour nap just to get home to me," she says.

plane ticketsA chance to get away

Romance can mean recognizing the importance of other relationships in your life. "He surprised me with a trip to see one of my best friends, who I missed terribly since she was all the way in Portland," says Jennie from Texas. "I got home from work one day and he basically said, 'Pack a bag, you're leaving tomorrow morning to see her.'"

A special proposal

While Mary from Pennsylvania enjoyed a special dinner on the anniversary of her first date with her boyfriend, his best friend was busy decorating her apartment with flowers, candles and Champagne. "After dinner, Murray brought me back to my beautifully decorated place, turned on the music, lit the candles, pulled out a diamond ring and asked me to marry him," she says. "The most precious thing to me about that night was the list of instructions I later discovered. Murray had sketched out my apartment for his friend and included very specific details about where the various surprises should be placed."

Meaningful texts

When Piper's husband was courting her, she was in Oklahoma and he was in Colorado. "Every day he would send me different flowers from Colorado, via texts," she says. "He actually went out looking for wildflowers to take pictures of and send to me every day. It was extremely sweet. He also sent me photos of the sunrise and sunset just about every day. It was the most thoughtful and sweet gesture, and he did it for months. I saved the photos and I never forget how special they made me feel."

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