For every mom who loves Valentine's Day, there is a mom who hates it. We've rounded up some of our favorite moms to dish about what drives them crazy about this lovey-dovey holiday and they shared their, um, hearts out!

Oh, so much candy...

1^ Melissa Miller only needs one word when it comes to describing why she hates Valentine's Day. "Candy." This mom and blogger shares, "It comes home in droves — from school, daycare and from family members, thinking they are being thoughtful. This 'thoughtful' gift turns my kids into sugar-high Tasmanian devils!"

2^ One mom tells us that just like other classroom celebrations, Valentine's Day is a big letdown for her child, who suffers from food allergies. "We have to dump all of her candy when she gets home from school on Valentine's Day. As she gets older, she's starting to understand why, but we've had some rough Valentine's Days as a result."

3^ "It seems that the Pinterest explosion for Valentine's Day is being passed down to our kids," dishes a mom of four, Allie, who says that she misses the days when she could just send in a simple box of candy hearts with her kids for their class parties. "Now, if we don't jazz up their candy [that they give out to classmates], they feel bummed."

candy conversation hearts

4^ Speaking of candy hearts, this mom is over them: "Have you read the messages on the candy hearts lately? They drive me crazy with all of their sassy slang."

5^ A mom of two, with kids who are in elementary school, doesn't mind the candy, but with 30 students in each of her children's classes, she says that the cost of sending treats in for Valentine's Day celebrations adds up quickly: "I have to make sure I financially plan for Valentine's Day, between their parties in class, something for both teachers and candy to send to their best friends, it can be a hit on my bank account!"

Where's the love?

6^ One of our allParenting writers, Michelle Maffei, shares her own personal rant about Valentine's Day: "Nothing drives me more crazy than seeing the slew of men lined up at the grocery store on the evening of Valentine's Day, grabbing cards or candy." Michelle also sends a kind public service announcement to all of those procrastinators: "Valentine's Day is the same day every year. Get your act together and pretend like you care!"

7^ Mom of three, Teresa Sellinger agrees with Michelle's sentiments about Valentine's Day. "The gifts are notoriously last-minute, cliche and over-priced. I'd rather have a nice, quiet dinner out on a night when we could actually get a sitter!"red lacy lingerie

8^ Getting real about what really happens on Valentine's Day is mom Aprille Frank-Hunt, who shares what we're all thinking about Valentine's Day sex: "It's supposed to be wild and crazy — the time to pull out all of the naughtiness that isn't supposed to be OK the rest of the year. Only, after date night, the reality is that the kids are home and not being able to release that inner sex kitten is hampered by quiet, regular old sex."

9^ We certainly understand why this mom feels like Valentine's Day is a letdown. "My birthday is Valentine's Day," shares Heidi Baumgart, "I would like to celebrate [the holidays] separately to enjoy the romantic holiday too!"

10^ "My partner and I do not celebrate [Valentine's Day], but not only are we continually asked about our expectations, our gifts, our disappointment, when we tell people we don't celebrate, they can't seem to accept that answer and want to know why," candidly shares Angela Todd. She continues by explaining that one reason they don't celebrate the holiday is because they lost someone special on that day. "At least you can play the religion card with Christmas, but there's no escaping cupid!"

11^ Chiming in for the single mamas out there is author Kerri Zane, who shares, "[Valentine's Day] can be a real downer, particularly for newly single moms. I suggest finding an alternative way to celebrate the "holiday" without feeling bad. My favorite thing to do was to celebrate with my kids, making my love for them the focus of the celebration, rather than a significant other."

When kids rule

12^ Maria Mora, an allParenting writer, shares her biggest pet peeve about Valentine's Day: "I'm perplexed and annoyed about how Valentine's Day has become such a kid-centric holiday. I'm OK with exchanging some corny paper valentines, but I don't think it needs to be yet another holiday where children rely on gifts and candy. Let the adults keep this one."

13^ "Don't get me started on the stupid store-bought valentines that they market to kids these days," dishes mom to two, Kelli Currie. "You know... the ones with the half-naked cartoon characters?"

My son's school asked the parents to send Valentine's Day cards on behalf of our kids to each of the 20 students in class. I don't understand the waste. What do kindergartners know about Valentine's Day?

14^ A mom of two kids, ages 6 and 3, Bola Oyeyipo shares that she just doesn't get the fuss when it comes to kids celebrating Valentine's Day, "My son's school asked the parents to send Valentine's Day cards on behalf of our kids to each of the 20 students in class. I don't understand the waste. What do kindergartners know about Valentine's Day?"

15^ Robyn Adams, a mom of two boys and blogger, shares a situation that all moms seem to face when it comes to Valentine's Day at school: "When your kids are little, it's a real dilemma if you let them fill out their own Valentine's Day cards. If you fill them out, you look like a bad parent who coddles your children. If you let them fill [the cards] out on their own, the writing may or may not be legible. Plus, it takes them forever to fill those little puppies out!"

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