Posted: Mar 20, 2014 10:00 AM
Springtime begins racing season, and many people find themselves inspired to lace up their running shoes. If you're looking for some motivation to get out and pound the pavement, look no further than these books, apps and websites geared for all stages of runners.


^Another Mother Runner

Another Mother Runner is the "virtual aid station" for moms (or not!) who want to keep the motivation going. Brought to you by the authors of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother, the site features training plans, running playlists and a database of women's races and clubs throughout the country. They also offer fun running T-shirts and gear with clever slogans like "momathoner" and "I run things." Follow Another Mother Runner on Facebook for training tips and inspiration from all degrees of runners.

^Runner's World

Based on the popular running magazine of the same name, Runner's World offers training plans, shoe and gear reviews, and informational articles on health, nutrition and more for men and women. The site also features online tools to help you reach your goals and community forums for connecting with other runners.

^Hal Higdon

Whether it's a local 5K or the Boston Marathon, Hal Higdon will get you ready for your race. The running guru's site is full of training programs for all varieties of runners, as well as articles on sports nutrition, weight management and more. Novice and experienced runners alike (myself included) depend on Hal to get them to their next race.


^Born to Run

Born to Run is the story of one man's search to become a runner, carefully woven in with tales of hidden tribes, super athletes and "the greatest race the world has never seen." Author Chris McDougall moves effortlessly from science to storytelling in this inspirational book about the love of running.

^The Runner's Rule Book

The Runner's Rule Book is the guide for everything you ever wanted to know about running... but never knew who to ask. Author Mark Remy sets the tone of this clever and true guide with rule number one: Have fun. Remy gives seasoned runners a knowing chuckle and new runners something to look forward to with hilarious rules like "Black toenails are badges of honor," and "Have mercy on the slow."

^Run Like a Mother: How to get Moving — and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity

Authors Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, who also manage the site Another Mother Runner, understand that it's hard to get out there and run with the multifaceted and often hectic lives that we mothers lead. McDowell and Shea offer up their own experiences and inspirations for finding and strengthening your inner athlete.


^Run Keeper

The Run Keeper app will log your distance using GPS throughout a run. The app gives five minute updates, letting you know if you are on pace, and it keeps a record of your workout reports for comparison. Users can devise training plans based on their goals and even connect as friends on the network and motivate each other through the app.

^Nike+ Running

Nike+ has all the features of Run Keeper, but with a little extra benefit. Runners can post their run start to their social network of choice and get cheered on by their friends and family or cue up a favorite song to get them through those last few meters. And you don't have to have the Nike+ accessories to use the app.

^ Zombies, Run!

This one is for the runner who is looking for something a little different. With Zombies, Run!, users turn their workout into a game, collecting supplies, medicine and ammo, distributing to those in need and of course, running from virtual zombies! This app sounds like the perfect way to spice up your runs with a little fun.

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