No one likes to think about final arrangements, but it's a necessary aspect of making a will. If you're not so into traditional burial methods, check out these unique forms of burial in the U.S.

Not thrilled about considering burial arrangements? Totally understandable. These unique, Earth-friendly ways to be laid to rest may give you something to feel at peace about when you consider final arrangements.

Become part of a living reef

At Eternal Reefs, loved ones are given the unique opportunity to create a piece of a living reef using ashes from cremation. Currently available in six states, these reef memorials are created using ashes that are cast into a round ball that is then made part of a reef that will sustain marine life. Families are invited to decorate the concrete ball with hand prints and shells during a touching ceremony. On a scheduled dedication day, loved ones may embark on a charter to transport the remains to the reef site.

Talk to aging loved ones

Aging loved ones may not be aware that there are options outside of traditional burial or cremation. Though this conversation can be painful, it can also bring a sense of peace — especially to those who don't like leaving loose ends. Consider sharing these options with your family.

Have a green burial

Several cemeteries in the U.S. have begun offering Earth-friendly burial options. At Pine Forest Memorial Garden, the Garden of Renewal is reserved strictly for natural burials. No embalming chemicals are used, and burial containers are biodegradable. During quiet, reflective funerals, loved ones can connect with nature and embrace the peaceful surroundings. Instead of a headstone, simple engraved stones mark graves. If you're unsettled by cemeteries or the idea of putting harsh chemicals into the ground, this type of burial may offer peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Shine bright like a diamond

A company called LifeGem has pioneered a process that converts a lock of hair or several ounces of ashes into a synthetic diamond. The process produces diamonds in five brilliant colors. While the large stones are very expensive, the small ones are comparable to burial costs. It might seem strange to consider a loved one wearing you as a piece of jewelry, but many have taken comfort in this unique burial option. Having some of your ashes converted into a diamond can give loved ones the comfort of something tangible if you prefer most of your remains to be scattered.

Make your wishes known

Make your wishes known in your will. If details are important to you, include in writing things like what you'd like to wear, what type of service you'd like, how you would like to be memorialized and what sort of burial option you would like. Don't be afraid to add details. These can provide closure and peace to family members. Talk openly with your family about how you'd like to be buried and remembered. It doesn't have to be a secret in your will.

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