Gotcha! Don't let April 1 pass you by without having some fun with friends and family with these hilarious April Fools' Day jokes, pranks and gags.
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Ready for some April Fools' Day fun? We have rounded up the best pranks, jokes and gags that will have your family in stitches!

Cracked phone screenThe cracked phone screen prank

This prank is perfect for the teen or parent whose face is always buried in their smartphone. Download this free "cracked" screen wallpaper and have fun watching them freak out thinking their phone is broken! This download is compatible with both iPhone and android phones, including Samsung.

Prank ringtones

Is that my phone ringing? Your teen, friend or hubby will know the joke is on them when their normal ring tone is switched out to a Chipmunk Fart, the Minion Song, a dog barking or whatever obnoxious ring your decide on. Check out the full selection of funny ringtones on Zedge.

Swap juice for JELL-O!

Turn their juice into JELL-O or gelled juice! Instead of serving their normal juice, make JELL-O in their regular juice glasses or cups. Place a straw in the cup for an added effect. Serve it to them with a straight face — and have fun watching their looks of disbelief as they try to drink their "juice" without success.

Wacky Wednesday

Dr. Seuss Wacky WednesdayRemember the Dr. Seuss book Wacky Wednesday, in which a child wakes up to find her house completely wacky? The story goes, "It all began with that shoe on the wall. A shoe on a wall…? Shouldn't be there at all!" Turn your house into Wacky Wednesday for April Fools' Day by hanging a shoe on the wall, place their toothbrushes in a vase, turn pictures upside down or hang bananas from the ceiling fan.

The ol' food switcheroo

"My mother played an April Fool joke on my older brother who was in middle school. She packed him a sandwich in his lunch bag. When he bit into the sandwich he found a folded piece of paper where the meat should have been," Nancy Quinn says. "Written on the paper were the words April Fool in bright red letters! He also found some dollar bills folded into the paper so he could buy his lunch. Good thing he did not bite into the money!"

Have fun with food this April Fools' Day by making things like Chocolate "broccoli" cookies, Refilled Oreos and "Fried egg" breakfast.

April fools day- broken ball through window

Broken ball through window

Your spouse or teen will do a double take when he sees that a golf ball has "shattered" his car window! This Shatter Widow Golf Ball Static cling sticker looks like broken glass surrounded by a golf ball and is easily removable. Available at The Golf Collection for around $9.

Fake milk splatter

You can create a fake spilled milk splatter using Elmer's white glue and have fun putting it on everything from your husband's keyboard, your teen's phone or your kids' Xbox. Check out the step-by-step instructions here!

April Fool's Day- fake pooPrank with fake poo

This product description of the Prank Star Poo Dough (Toys "R" Us, $8) says it all: "Create your own turd creations out of brown dough." The poo will really hit the fan when you place these fake turds on the floor, on the toilet seat, in the bed — or even in the pool. The sky is the limit!

Color their milk!

Put a few drops of food coloring in your kids' milk and serve it in a glass or in their cereal — and try to keep a straight face — as they look at their blue, green or red milk. April fools pranks
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Googly eyes prank

Your kids will get a real kick out of this one! Glue googly eyes on everything in the refrigerator or pantry — or even their toothbrushes and bathroom mirror. Suddenly they will know what you mean when you say you have your eye on everything! Pick up this pack of Googly Eyes for around $9.

Will curiosity get the best of them?

Place a bowl upside down with a sign above it that reads, "Do not move bowl unless you plan to kill what's underneath it. Thanks" — and watch what they do. (See the picture of the prank here) Will they turn it over? Move it around? Or be too freaked out to do anything? What is under their bowl doesn't matter (although you can always put a fake bug or even a piece of candy!); however, their reaction to it will be priceless.

Parlez-vous francais?

Change the language on your kid's or husband's computer or phone to a foreign language — and watch them scratch their head in disbelief!

Fake positive pregnancy test- April Fool'sPositive pregnancy test

You can totally freak out your man by sending a text saying, "Guess what? I'm pregnant!"…or you can totally step it up a notch with this fake pregnancy test. You can place it on the top of the trash can, in plain sight, for your man to spot — or you can take a picture of it and send it to your man, your parents, your sister — or even post it on Facebook!

The great bed switch-up!

This prank works great for kids who are heavy sleepers. While they are sleeping, switch the kids' beds while they are sleeping and have fun watching their reaction when little Jimmy wakes up in Suzy's princess room!

Growth spurt?

This prank is easy and fun. Stuff paper towels in the toes of your kids' shoes and they will think their feet grew overnight as their shoes no longer fit!

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