Posted: Apr 18, 2014 7:00 AM
We ask real moms and dads to fess up about who does what around the house, what they really want their partner to pitch in on and what they'd rather be spending their time doing.
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The survey says...

An American Time Use Survey asked thousands of Americans annually to chronicle how they spend their days. The survey found that men and women work about the same number of hours per week. However, men work more paid hours while women work more unpaid hours (no fair!). So we couldn't help but wonder how men and women divide up their time at home.

Men work more paid hours
while women work more unpaid hours.

"Clutter blindness"

Jessica Merritt, mom of one in Katy, Texas, says, "My husband and I both work at home [so] we 
share most household duties evenly, including child care. I cook, while he 
does the dishes." That said, Jessica's husband takes care of most things that are "too 
gross, complicated or difficult for me to do" such as pool chemicals and cleaning up after the pets. She adds, "We both straighten up toys and other 
odds and ends, but I do most of it. He has a common husband condition that 
I call 'clutter blindness.' I
 scoop the litter — but I wish he'd take that one. I know he'd like me to 
help out more with the dishes." Instead of doing chores, Jessica wishes she could spend more time 
playing with her son, building her business or reading a book.

Not 50/50

Laura Lee and her husband Ryan Kotek, parents to a 3-year-old girl with another on the way, of Jacksonville, Florida, "split up a lot" of the household duties but Lee admits, "Somehow Mom always winds up with a few more tasks." Like Jessica, Lee says, "The one chore I wish he would do is cleaning the litter box. Since I've been pregnant he's taken that on and it's been glorious! I need to find some excuse for him to keep that permanently!" If she didn't have to spend so much time handling chores, Lee says you would find her on the beach on a sunny day — umbrella drink in hand. Cheers to that.

Role reversal

Desha Peacock, author of Creating the Style you Crave on a Budget you can Afford, and mom to one 7-year-old daughter in Brattleboro, Vermont, says, "My husband does all of the cleaning. We've never really discussed it, but every Saturday he vacuums the entire house and cleans the bathrooms. My main responsibility is to pay the bills and take care of all the finances and taxes — the typical male role. I also cook dinner most nights."

Chores giveaway

Deborah and Jerome Mills, parents of five in Northern Virginia, divide the chores by inside (her)/outside (him). She reveals, "However, if I could give away a chore it would definitely be cooking and cleaning the kitchen. I couldn't give that one to my husband [or] we would starve. I'm all for hiring someone who can do a much better job than me. Without that chore I would probably spend more time working on my business or going to the gym."

The bane of her existence

stack of dirty dishes
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Genevieve C. West, a self-admitted "domestically-challenged homeschool mom of three kiddos" who works from home as a relationship consultant, author and marketing agent for their liquid nitrogen ice cream business, says, "Dishes are the bane of my existence. If I could choose one chore for Eric to totally take care over, it'd be dishes. I can't tell you how many times I've considered switching to disposable dishware." She does give her hubby props for "making sure the garbage makes its way to the curb every week, and sometimes helps pick up the slack." If West could get out from under the "mountains of laundry and the recurring toy tornado," she says she would spend her free time "playing a board game with the family, or enjoying a glass of wine with my husband and catching up on Supernatural or The Walking Dead."

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Shannon Ayers, mom of four in Honolulu, Hawaii, has the right idea. She says, "I am responsible for most of the chores in our home. That means delegating to the kiddos now that they are old enough for me to sit back, put my feet up on occasion and point! My husband and son are responsible for emptying and taking out the garbage." Job well done, Shannon.

Royal roles

Marcel Johnson, mom of three in Willingboro, New Jersey, says, "My husband Andrew is the clean-up king (very thorough), and I am the straighten up queen (stuff it in the closets and drawers 'til the company leaves). After complimenting how nicely decorated our home is, people are always surprised that my husband does the decorating. I buy the decor, but he has the knack for putting things in the right place. Out of all the things that my husband does, he does not make up the bed — that's one thing I wish he would do sometimes." If Marcel had some free time, she would spend it catching up on episodes of The Good Wife.

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