Posted: May 14, 2014 9:00 AM
While not all of us can be as eloquent as Matt Walsh in his response to questions about what his wife does all day, some of us have managed to dish out some pretty clever retorts to the ignorant question about staying home with your kids. Looking for some snarky lines of your own? Take a page from these moms’ books when asked the question: What do you do all day?

Stay-at-home moms get no credit

Matt Walsh was tired of the condescending remarks hidden in faux niceties when acquaintances asked about his wife's decision to stay home and raise the couple's children, and he wasn't afraid to let the world know through his blog post. But, clearly he's more eloquent than I could ever be in the heat of the moment. While dropping a dirty word and giving someone the bird would be my go-to response, here are some sassy responses other moms gave with a little more class than I could have mustered.

None 'yo bees wax

Kira ShcherbakovaPhoto credit: Kira Shcherbakova

"I do whatever I want." Kira Shcherbakova, Christian Singer/Songwriter, of Kira Ministry

Patricia FischerPhoto credit: Patricia Fischer

"More than you could ever imagine." Patricia Fischer, San Antonio, Texas

Sarah SchultzPhoto credit: Sarah Schultz

What don't I do?

"What do I do? Do you really want to know, lol? From my first role of being a mom I take care of lil Luke with feedings, playtime, laundry, cleaning up playtime, cleaning bottles, making bottles, changing diapers... repeat. What don't I do? Take a spare moment for myself... I wouldn't change it for the world!" Sarah Schultz, Designer, Owner, GolfHER

Dez StephensPhoto credit: Dez Stephens

That's an understated question

"I'm just holding up the world all day." Dez Stephens, mother of two, Nashville, Tennessee, of Radiant Coaches

Ellie HirschPhoto credit: Ellie Hirsch


"I eat bon bons and watch The Real Housewives all day! Duh!" or, "Well, I am a chef, chauffeur, laundromat service, house keeper, accountant, personal assistant, dog walker, babysitter, healer and teacher. So in other words, a mom!" Ellie Hirsch, The Mommy Master

Robin MarvelPhoto credit: Robin Marvel

Business as usual

"I usually sit around waiting for the house to clean itself, the toddler to make me something to eat and my spouse to get home so he can get started on that mountain of laundry. Oh and of course I get a nap in around noon." Robin Marvel

Zenobia DewelyPhoto credit: Zenobia Dewely

I'd like to ask you the same question

"I work at bettering my children's lives by providing love, healthy eating and education encouragement. What did your mom do all day?" Zenobia Dewely, mother of three, of Zenobia Sweet Tooth

Oh, not much, just everything

Ponn Sabra
Photo credit: Ponn Sabra

"Nothing really; just homeschool my three bestselling authors, make five-course meals from scratch and maintain a clutter-free home. In addition to praying my five prayers on time, I get to run all my errands and family trips when everyone else is at work or school." Author Ponn Sabra of American Muslim Mom

Brooke Williams Photo credit: Brooke Williams

"I do the hardest job in the world... constant care for others who don't always appreciate it. It's a job that never stops and never slows down. I get up at 5 a.m. and work until 9 p.m. with no breaks, no help and no vacations." Brooke Williams, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

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