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Blogging’s best-kept secret is the ability to reach out and connect to someone else’s story via your screen, coffee — or wine — in hand when you most need to. We’ve found blogs about divorce that are honest, real and raw and most importantly provide a support system with a single click.
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Divorce bloggers write to reach out to other women going through the same things as they are. What they find is solidarity, solace and support. These are key gifts to give and receive when going through divorce.

Deep connection with women friends is the best medicine for isolation and building self-esteem, so reach out and immerse yourself.

Dr. Hilary S. Berger, Ed.D, is the founder of Work Like A Mother and is a pioneer and creator of a successful career counseling and learning model designed exclusively for the unique realities of a mother's life. She speaks to the power of reaching out and connecting when going through divorce. Berger says, "Women who are divorced need to intentionally map out daily concrete ways to be validated for their personal and professional worth, combating the old friend we've become all too familiar with when isolated, better known as self-doubt. By joining a support group of like-minded women or becoming engaged in relevant activities that are authentic to your interests, you will feel more like yourself than ever before and be able to take advantage of the rare opportunity to fulfill your promise and potential that may have been left behind in the rubble of a difficult marriage. Deep connection with women friends is the best medicine for isolation and building self-esteem, so reach out and immerse yourself. The payback is a lifetime of being understood and validated for just being you."

These seven women blog through their divorce. Their words are there for the taking — of exactly what you need.

Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce BY MOLLY MONET
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Molly Monet is the single mother of two living, loving, teaching, writing and practicing hot yoga in her new community of Newton, Massachusetts. About her blog, Monet says, "Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce started as Facebook posts with that tagline, in which I would share the loving moments that my ex and I were having. It was my way of letting my friends know that we were still OK and cared for each other. Writing a blog helped me become more self-aware and realize that, despite the difficulties of divorce, I was thriving. My blog is geared towards readers who want to feel better about their breakups, as I always end my pieces on an upbeat note, letting them know the lessons that I have learned, as well as the humor and joy that I have found in post-divorce life."

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Shannon Lell


Shannon Lell BY SHANNON LELLShannon Lell spent 10 years in corporate America before being thrown from the ladder. She is now a writer and editor living near Seattle, Washington, with her two small children. About her blog, Lell says, "Introspection and over-thinking everything is my special super power. I believe that when we are our authentic selves, we give others the unspoken permission to be the same. In truth, there is freedom and that's how I write about everything — including divorce."

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It Builds Character


It Builds Character BY: TRACY JENSENTracy Jensen writes at It Builds Character about life, family, career and community. About her blog, Jensen says, "Three years ago, home with two small children, I began blogging to connect with other families while providing an authentic look at life’s journey as a parent — without the sugar coating. Over time, It Builds Character has evolved. I wrote my way through divorce two years ago, about getting through that process and its impact on our family. Now back in the workforce, I also share the process of creating a new life for the three of us, along with tips I have learned along the way."

Photo credit: Tracy Jensen

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Writing Through Your Divorce

Photo credit: Magda Pecsenye and Deesha Philyaw

Writing Through Your Divorce is a group blog and writers' workshop focused on divorce curated by Magda Pecsenye and Deesha Philyaw. About their blog, Pecsenye and Philyaw say, "We love co-editing the Writing Through Your Divorce blog because of the quality of the submissions that we are fortunate to receive and publish. Raw, beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful, sweet, funny, aching pieces that represent the diversity of the divorce experience and make us feel lucky to be in such good company in having this experience."

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Divorced Girl Smiling


Divorced Girl Smiling BY JACKIE PILOSSOPHJackie Pilossoph is an author and mother of two. About her blog, Pilossoph says, "Divorced Girl Smiling is a website dedicated to providing men and women with information about divorce. Written with honesty (even if it hurts), the posts show vulnerability and a realistic picture of divorce. But, it’s also really funny at times, entertaining and, my favorite, inspirational. In other words: You too can and will be a Divorced Girl (or Guy) Smiling. It just takes time. With blog posts that cover the entire divorce arena, from the day he or she moves out through litigation or mediation, co-parenting issues to the dreaded dating scene and sex after divorce, reading Divorced Girl Smiling is like going to Starbucks with your best friend and talking about your divorce. This isn’t just another divorce blog — this is a divorce blog that’s written by the girl next door, who is now the Divorced Girl Smiling next door.

Photo credit: Jackie Pilossoph

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Since My Divorce


Since My Divorce BY: MANDY WALKERMandy Walker is a divorce coach and mediator who emigrated to the U.S. from England. About her blog, Walker says, "At Since My Divorce readers will find stories of other people’s journeys through the end of their marriage and beyond. With stories from over 100 men and women, it’s hard to imagine a situation or perspective that isn’t covered — the pains, the hurts as well as the joys and laughter, what worked, what didn’t and the lessons learned. Through the non-judgmental, compassionate narratives, readers will gain a deeper understanding of their own situation and from there see their own way forward."

Photo credit: Mandy Walker

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the happy hausfrau

the happy hausfrau BY JENNIFER BALL
Photo credit: Jennifer Liv Photography

Jennifer Ball blogs about life after divorce, parenting teens and trashy TV at the happy hausfrau. About her blog, Ball says, "When I first began my divorce journey back in 2006, there wasn't much out there that related to my particular situation. There was plenty about the legal issues, about things like custody and child support, of course. But there was nothing about what it felt like to feel years of work, hope and dreams slip through your fingers. Nothing about how you are supposed to keep your children happy and safe when you could barely get out of bed in the morning. And nothing about what it does to you, as a woman, when your husband leaves you for someone else. So I wrote about those things, and more."

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