Posted: Jun 03, 2014 8:30 AM
A Tennessee mom's wedding dress had an unusual accessory — her newborn baby. Yes, really.
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You may have seen the famous photo by now — a beautiful bride is happily walking down the aisle on her happy day, her newborn infant tied in place on the train of her dress, being gently dragged along behind her on the floor… wait. What did I just say?

A new wedding style?

A Tennessee mom, Shona Carter-Brooks, recently got married, and her wedding photos show typical wedding poses, which of course include her gorgeous wedding dress. She did have an unusual accessory, however — her 1-month-old daughter was attached to the train and followed her down the aisle.

As you would expect, some think this gesture was really precious, but others wonder what the heck is wrong with this mother and why she thought it was a good idea to strap her kid on for a ride down the aisle.

I have to say that the baby most likely was not in danger… most likely. She has said that the baby was securely attached and was "covered by Christ," and from the photos I've seen, everyone seems to be aware of the baby's presence and probably wouldn't, you know, accidentally step on her. Carter-Brooks, in fact, is amazed at all the attention that she's getting for posting the photo and wonders why everyone is all hung up on what she did at her wedding.

Babies are people too, not toys.
They should be treated as such.

A baby is not a prop

However, I think that using a human infant in this manner is not the best idea. Note where earlier I mentioned that the baby was "most likely" not in danger, and she would "probably" not get stepped on. And after all, the baby wasn't harmed. That would not be good enough for me, personally, to go ahead with this unusual method of baby wearing.

I think that including your children in your wedding is an amazing idea. There are so many ways that moms and dads can make their child a part of the ceremony, and there is no reason you can't incorporate an infant as well.

But using your newborn in this way is selfish. No, she was not injured, but literally dragging your child behind you is ridiculous and reduces her to the role of a simple prop. She may not even care when she grows up, and in fact it may become a fun family story, but why did she ever think that this was a cool idea to begin with? I can think of a dozen ways her baby could have been in the wedding, and none of them includes dragging her down the aisle.

I don't think this mother should be reported to child protective services, as has been suggested by several viewers of her photo, but I think she might have made a better decision when she was planning her wedding. Babies are people too, not toys. They should be treated as such.

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