Posted: Aug 01, 2014 6:00 AM
You had a summer bucket list back in May — how did you do? Or maybe you just had ideas for fun adventures you didn't have the chance to do. But summer isn't over yet. We asked a few of our favorite bloggers what's on their last-ditch summer bucket list.

Summer bucket list? Um, yeah — pretty sure I had one of those somewhere. Mine usually start with grand plans (Read a dozen novels! Run a 10K! Learn to knit!) and then taper off to a drib drab of things we did instead. We wondered what last-ditch additions our favorite bloggers have to their summer 2014 bucket lists.

Read, read and read

Katie Sluiter

Photo credit: Katie Sluiter

Katie Sluiter is not only a writer at Sluiter Nation and a mother of two little boys, but she is also a busy middle school/high school teacher during the school year. So her summertime plans begin in earnest right after the last school bell rings. "The big thing on my bucket list is to read a lot in my free time," she shares. "I always say I'm going to, and then I never do because other things take over. I'm trying to get back in the groove of reading for fun because that is what I want to instill in my own children and my students!" We've seen the stack she has waiting for her, and it's highly likely she will get through it.

Mother/son bonding

Tonya Wertman

Photo credit: Tonya Wertman

"Since having Lola, my now 4-month old, I'm having fun planning special one-on-one time with just Lucas, my 5-year-old and this summer I would like to start an annual summer tradition of a mother/son trip," shares Tonya Wertman, writer at Letters for Lucas and mother of two. "He is off school the entire month of August and we've been talking about spending four to five days in either New York, Chicago or San Francisco," she says. "This is most definitely a summer bucket list activity. Stay tuned for our destination selection." Lucas loves to travel — and Tonya and her husband have made a point to instill a sense of adventure in him. This sounds like one tradition that many moms would love to have.

Running around

Galit Breen

Photo credit: Galit Breen

Galit Breen is a writer and mother of three, and we love her beautiful words on her blog These Little Waves. "We've long wanted to run a 5K as a family so my husband, Jason, and I signed the five of us up for The Color Run as a surprise for the kids," she shares. "Big crowds, lots of running and so many colors — what could possibly go wrong, right? I'm excited to help the kids cross something off of their bucket lists and at the same time cross something off of mine — have an adventure together as a family!" When your kids get old enough to participate in activities like this, it adds so many more possibilities to family time activities.

Lake time

Katie Reyes

Photo credit: Katie Reyes

Katie Reyes is a freelance writer and also has her own site, Katie Did What. She and her husband Zach are proud new parents of their baby boy Sam. "A major thing on our summer bucket list is spending time as a family at the lake!" shares Katie. "We had our first lake day last week and plan on many more this summer, with our little baby Sam in tow, of course!" Sounds like a fun summer tradition to start now that will always be a fond memory for Sam as he grows up. Katie's own summer bucket list is on her site — check it out.

The big countdown

Sharri Kuhn

Photo credit: Sherri Kuhn

This summer feels a bit to me like the last summer we will really have together as a family for some reason. If you have teens, you know what I am talking about. When my son leaves again for college this month, there is probably a chance he will have different plans next summer — and graduate the summer after that. While we probably won't take a big trip as a family this summer, I have been really focusing and savoring the times that the four of us are together just chatting or sharing stories. Looking around my kitchen table at these three people I adore gives me so much happiness. So I guess I am trying to bottle that up for later.

Pick a playground

Katie Kavulla

Photo credit: Katie Kavulla

Katie Kavulla is a mother of three, a freelance writer and also writes on her own site bellingFAM where she also posted a summer bucket list for Bellingham, Washington, where she lives. "We try to spend as much time outside as possible in the summer — it's the most gorgeous time of year in the Pacific Northwest and we soak it up! The kids and I have a goal to visit all of the elementary school playgrounds in town this summer," Kavulla shares. "There are 15 of them, although we've already been to a few. It's a great way to start our days, with some fresh air and playtime."

Summer by the sea

Katie Hurley

Photo credit: Katie Hurley

Katie Hurley lives for her summers on the East Coast that remind her of her childhood. She is a child, adolescent and family psychotherapist, writer, mother of two and a busy rock and roll wife when her husband is touring on the road. "We spend our summers on the Connecticut shore, barefoot and roaming the beach in search of natural treasures," Hurley shares. "The to-do list is almost non-existent and time seems to stand still as we enjoy family and seemingly endless sunshine.

But there is one outing that I call a priority every year, and yet it never happens," she adds. "In the tiny little beach town of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, is a carousel that has been around for as long as I can remember. I rode that carousel with my siblings every summer, year after year. My dad drove us over in his boat and we spent the day walking around, riding the carousel and eating the most amazing ice cream at the little ice cream shop next to the carousel. I have yet to get my own kids over there, but it is the one outing that I want to make this year," she says. "For us, summer is as much about sharing old memories and creating new ones as it is about relaxing and taking a break from the stress of the school year. That's one memory I want my kids to start making this summer for sure."

Tell us!^What are your last-minute bucket list plans? Share in the comments.

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