Posted: Aug 07, 2014 9:00 AM
A mother in China is turning milk into money by selling homemade soap made from breast milk, but breast isn't always best when it comes to getting clean. From destroyed benefits of breast milk to tainted ingredients, find out why doctors warn that lathering up with breast milk soap could be hazardous to your health.
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Breastmilk Ice CreamBreast milk products aplenty

A lot of products with weird ingredients have made headlines, but products with breast milk like the latest story coming from China about homemade soap tend to border on creepy. In the past, New York chef Daniel Angerer promoted his mother's milk cheese in 2008. The Icecreamist restaurant in London introduced breast milk ice cream at $23 per scoop. Body builders even tout the benefits of drinking it straight up. And when it comes to beauty, breast milk lotions and breast milk soap aren't new to the market either. But, despite all the hype that this liquid gold can practically change your life, all the benefits of breast milk may be missing when it comes to using it for unconventional uses.

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All brag, no benefits

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The benefits of breast milk for babies and tots are indisputable, but it's important to note that The Centers for Disease Control advises that the nutrients in breast milk can be destroyed with excess heat. So foods, soaps and beauty products that use heating or pasteurization as part of the process have essentially nixed the benefits most breast milk products boast. And while the jury is out about whether Mama's milk can cure all that ails you — from pink eye to eczema to C-section scars — what if those boobie bars are dangerous to boot?

Dangers in stranger breast milk

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Unless you are using your own breast milk or are getting the milk from someone you trust, the person supplying milk could be in poor health and passing on impurities or disease like strep or staph.

Mommy's milk ice cream

So, that breast milk soap you're lathering up with could just be packed with more than you bargained for. "The safety of drugs or other products made using human breast milk will depend on the screening of the donated milk," clarifies Dr. Faiza Patten of The Expert Institute. "If the milk is screened for potential contaminant and pathogens (e.g., HIV) and is found to be negative, then it should not pose a problem."

The ban on sales of bodily fluids will likely remain in effect on sites like eBay and Craigslist, but sales of products containing breast milk are likely to stick around. Whether or not lathering up with breast milk soap is your bag, seeking the advice of your doctor is your best bet when making decisions about your health.

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