Posted: Jun 30, 2014 5:00 AM
Your OB-GYN probably told you to do your Kegels, and if you're like the rest of us, you probably didn't. Minna Life has created a device that will help motivate you to get (and keep) a strong pelvic floor.
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The performing of Kegels was just another of the many ways I felt I was failing at pregnancy. They're so simple to do. And not even hard. And they bored me to tears (because every emotion resulted in tears during my pregnancies).

But, at least I'm not alone in my Kegel hatred.

I should have kept doing them

"I tried to be consistent about it and then I just got lazy and decided it probably wouldn't make any difference in the long run," says Erin, mom of two. "It's hard to know for sure if it would have helped…"

"I had three children. Tried hard to keep doing the Kegels after every one of them," says Marilyn, a mom from Missouri. "I did for several months, then gradually I would forget to. Now being older and done with childbearing I've come to realize I should have kept doing them. Mainly because if you lose strength in the muscles in that area in general, there becomes a problem with bladder leakage. And I have noticed that the Kegel exercise not only helps vaginal muscles, it helps anal muscles also! Keeping everything in line."

Kegels or adult diapers? Your choice.

Indeed, we're told they help strengthen the pelvic floor for childbirth, hasten postpartum recovery, even stave off incontinence later in life, but many of us just aren't motivated to spend time on those little muscles that may be the only things standing between us and Depends in our old age. Enter kGoal.

"From physical therapists and gynecologists, we heard that compliance (getting women to actually do the exercises regularly) is one of, if not the biggest, challenges for them. It was definitely clear that engagement was one of the big things that needed to be addressed," says Brian Krieger, co-founder and CEO of Minna Life. Minna describes itself as a team of designers, engineers and health experts who share a sense of frustration with the lack of well-designed, high-quality sexual health products available.

A Fitbit for your pelvic floor

Fitbit for your pelvic floor

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And from this frustration, the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer was born. Described as "a Fitbit for your pelvic floor muscles," the kGoal is "the world's first interactive training system for pelvic floor exercise."

Yep, a personal trainer for your lady parts. And it comes with a really cool app that tracks your progress and gives real-time feedback.

The kGoal has a squeezable pillow that can be adjusted to the appropriate firmness for the individual. The pillow is (ahem) inserted, and can monitor your strength as you contract the pelvic muscles. The app keeps track of your exercise history and can suggest workouts.

Minna is currently developing games and interactions to keep women engaged, and even if you don't have your phone handy, the kGoal itself provides biofeedback to keep you on track.

How to get a kGoal

Yeah, it's a little awkward to talk about, but for a host of reasons, pelvic floor strength is a big deal. Minna needs to have pledges reaching $90,000 by Aug. 4, 2014, to make kGoal available to the public. The Kickstarter campaign is well on its way, but if you pledge now, you can get in on discounts and other Minna goodies.

Considering the kGoal could keep you from spending $80-$100 per month on adult diapers, this device is a steal.

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