Posted: Aug 08, 2014 11:00 AM
Ideally, all a mom needs to breastfeed is a baby and her breast. But for some moms, the process doesn't always happen as naturally and beautifully as we would like to believe. Breastfeeding can be difficult and frustrating, especially for new moms. Check out these 10 products that can help assuage some of the common issues that may arise, or just make your breastfeeding life a little easier.
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Difficulty feeding

Nipple shields

Nipple shield

A nipple shield is a flexible silicone nipple that can be worn over the mother's nipple. If your baby is having trouble latching, a nipple shield may aid feeding, allowing milk to flow through small holes in the silicone. Ideally, a nipple shield is only a short-term solution and should only be used under the guidance of a lactation consultant and in certain cases such as prematurity or difficulty latching. Shields come in various sizes, and Medela even makes a shield that allows for baby contact with the breast.

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Electric pump


You may plan to exclusively breastfeed, but having pumped milk on hand not only can give you a break now and then, but it also gives family members a chance to feed and bond with the baby. Pumps range from manual, handheld models to electric pumps. The Medela Pump In Style comes in a discreet carrying case and allows moms to pump both sides at once.

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Storage bags

Pump directly into these BPA-free plastic storage bags, or pour milk from the bottle after pumping. The stand-up bottoms make for easy pouring and measuring, then lay them flat for easy storage in the freezer. An oxygen barrier preserves and protects the nutrients in the milk.

Breast comfort


Nipple cream

The first few days of nursing can be painful as your nipples acclimate to feedings. A nipple cream containing lanolin, such as this Lansinoh Lanolin Cream for Breastfeeding Mothers, can provide quick relief for dry, cracked and painful nipples.



Nursing pads

Avoid embarrassing leakage with disposable or reusable nursing pads. These disposable versions draw milk into the pad, leaving skin and clothing dry either overnight or on the go. Go green with reusable cotton pads in fun patterns from BreastPads or these seamless silicone pads from LilyPadz.

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Sleep nursing bra


Sleep nursing bra

Sure, you need a good nursing bra, but a sleep nursing bra? Nursing mothers soon find out that at night, breasts get heavy and are kind of all over the place. A sleep nursing bra will provide breast support and has an easy wrap design for convenient night feeding.

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Nursing support

^Nursing pillow

A good nursing pillow will save your arms and your back as your baby grows. The My Brest Friend nursing pillow's dense foam provides firm, comfortable support for your baby during nursing sessions. Having twins? There's even a double version that allows for tandem nursing.

Breastfeeding cover


Nursing cover

A nursing cover provides privacy while nursing in public or in front of others. Covers like Hooter Hiders have a convenient apron-like design that covers the mother's exposed areas, while giving the baby plenty of breathing room.

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Yes, you can nurse your baby in a carrier! Busy moms find that baby wearing keeps them hands free and able to tend to other children or other household tasks. Carriers like the Moby Wrap or the Ergo carrier make for easy, discreet nursing on the go.


Teething necklaces

Teething necklaces

Even if your baby isn't teething yet, these necklaces from Chewbeads give him something fun to look at and grab while he's nursing, then down the road, he can safely chew on the 100 percent silicone beads. Your average passerby would never know these stylish necklaces are for teething!

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