Posted: Oct 03, 2014 5:00 AM
As women approach the 40-year mark, instead of dreading that over-the-hill status moms are jumping on the fitness bandwagon and putting a new spin on "me time:" exercise for moms. Although fitness isn't only for moms over 40, being a mommy doesn't mean you have to let gravity have its way with your body. From CrossFit to running to the 30-Day Ab Challenge, is exercise the new mommy mid-life crisis?
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CrossFit fitness

Not for the faint of heart, lots of hard core, fitness-loving mamas are trading exercise classes for the iron-pumping training of CrossFit. For Sally Santistevan, mother of two in Colorado, she was used to lifting but was seeking a bigger challenge, and CrossFit was just the die-hard dose of conditioning she needed. As her boys got older, they joined her, too, making this form of fitness a family affair.

Support through Stroller Strides

Tailored toward stroller-toting moms, Stroller Strides combines outdoor exercise with the use of a jogging stroller as exercise for moms. Bursts of running peppered with exercises you can do right at or in front of your stroller, there aren't many other forms of exercise that boast the necessity to bring your newborn or toddler along. Jessica Coats, mother of two in California, is drawn to Stroller Strides because it lets her commit that one hour a day to fitness, friendship and setting a good example for her kids about the healthy lifestyle she leads.

Marathon mamas

Touted as cheaper than therapy, tons of moms are hitting the pavement and joining the running trend. While some moms turn to wine for relief, Barbara Maffei, mother of two in Arizona, wanted to see if the "runner's high" was a true phenomenon, and for her it was. First starting off with running, many moms can attest to the fact that this form of fitness often leads to a love of marathons, mud runs and more, so be warned.

Butt-kicking fitness boot camp

Taking the park scene by storm, fitness-loving mamas like Brenda Clark, mother of three in California, are heading to the great outdoors to take in the fresh air while working up a sweat. Clark was drawn to the boot camp workout because she knew it was intense and would see results once she committed to it — and she did. And with the limited time moms often have to fit in exercise, fitness boot camp is the ticket.

30-Day Ab Challenge

The 30-Day Ab Challenge hit Facebook by storm this year, laying out 30 days of workout routines that started slow and built up as the month went on. And, even if I didn't completely make it through the 30 days, I was gung-ho about the prospect of a fitness plan that didn't take much time to do. For Joann Marti, mother of two in California, the 30-Day Ab Challenge was appealing because the exercise plan was already laid out for her. Not thinking about how to work out, along with the Facebook support, was a big draw for this mom.

Whether exercise is the new mommy mid-life crisis or more moms are making their health a priority, fitness trends like 30-Day Ab Challenge, running marathons, CrossFit and more show no signs of going away anytime soon.

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