Every parent dreads the hustle and bustle of the morning routine – scrambling around like a crazy person trying to make sure everyone has their teeth brushed, backpacks packed and a healthy breakfast in their stomachs. If you don’t mind, we’d like to make a few suggestions.

Here are things you can do the night before to make your mornings slightly more blissful... even if that just means being able to take one sip from the cup of coffee you poured at 6 a.m.

Pack those lunches tonight

We think most moms would agree — packing lunches in the morning is pretty far up there on the morning annoyance scale. Eliminate the morning lunch-making madness by making lunches the night before — older children can even pitch in to help! Set up an assembly line with lunch boxes and have each child take a task — drinks, string cheese, granola bars — until each lunchbox is filled and in the fridge for the morning.

Get things washing

Two things that seem to never end in a household with kids — the laundry and the dishes. Before you go to bed each night, throw a load of clothes in to be washed.

In the morning, you can switch them to the dryer and put another load in before heading out the door (have that load ready to go to make it quick!).

Do the same for dishes — waking up to a clean kitchen can be a major morning stress-reducer.

Anticipate the "I have nothing to wear" line

shirtYou've heard this advice before and we will tell you again — set out clothes for your kids the night before — especially if you have little ones who are particular about what they wear. Lay it all out on their bedroom floor for the morning, including socks and even shoes, so that they can get dressed themselves.

Think ahead to tomorrow

Does your son need his soccer waiver signed? Did your daughter need to bring in a check for the upcoming teacher gift? Do those things the night before so that you won't remember that you needed to do them when you're halfway to work or once the school bus has already pulled away. Make a special spot at home for your kids to leave their school paperwork, making it easy to check those things off your morning to-do list.

Take your own advice

See that list above? Well, mom, all those things apply to you as well! As you're doing these tasks for your children the night before, do yourself a favor and do the same for yourself — make a little lunch and stick it in the fridge, pack your purse or work bag and put it by the front door and even pull out what you're going to wear tomorrow. We're certain it will make you a much happier morning mom!

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