We're not even going to ask you when the last time you went to the bathroom by yourself was... the answer is just too depressing. So we certainly know that getting the chance to have some quality me time for moms is next to impossible. We are always putting our kids first, right? But sometimes even just five minutes to yourself makes a world of difference -- here are four great ways to make that time.

1^Set your alarm a tiny bit earlier

We know that you're already not getting as much sleep as you should as a mom, but we promise that the easiest way — and maybe the most gratifying as well — is to get up before your kids in the morning. Try this for a week — set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual and use that extra time to eat breakfast on your own. It's a great way to get your day started on the right foot!

2^Leave early for school pick-up

Whether you pick up your kids from school, daycare, their grandparents' house or soccer, leave five minutes earlier than you normally would and get there early, leaving time to spare to catch a chapter in that book you never get around to reading or simply just sit in the car and listen to music for a few minutes. Do your kids come home on the bus? Stop doing your at-home busy work five minutes before you expect them for some time to yourself!

3^Put off just one chore

Some chores certainly can't wait... but some definitely can. Instead of folding one more basket of laundry (the kids can dig for their own socks in the morning!), take that five minutes to get some me time. The toilets will still be dirty tomorrow, and we promise that you'll be cleaning them with a much better attitude if you find a little time today to spend on yourself.

Remember the "nap when they nap" rule?

Every new mom gets the same piece of advice sometime or another — when the baby naps, you need to nap too. Well, this simple rule of motherhood applies to finding a few minutes for yourself too... especially for stay-at-home moms. Is your kiddo watching her pre-nap show? Sit down with her and read your book or a magazine. Are your toddlers happily coloring at the kitchen table? Ditch the dinner prep for a little while and give yourself a quick manicure. Find the time when you can, even in the midst of a busy day at home with the kids!

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