Forget man caves! Who needs a kid-free, just-for-me space of her own more than a mom? Whether you have an entire mom cave room or just a corner in your bedroom that you covet for yourself, find somewhere in your home to create a mom cave of your own.

If you have an entire mom cave room...

... then you're a lucky mom! For moms who can literally create an entire mom cave room at their home, start by thinking about what you want to do in your mom cave. Do you want to snuggle up with your collection of books and sip tea while reading uninterrupted? Do you want to spread out all your craft supplies and leave them out without having to worry about little ones disturbing them mid-project? Do you want a space that's dedicated to finding your zen via yoga or pilates?

Whatever your dream mom cave means to you, if you have a dedicated space, go crazy. Start with the basics of what you need — a cozy chair for reading, a huge table for crafting — and work from there. Creating a mom cave doesn't have to happen all at once, and you don't have to wait until it's complete to start using it. Once you get those basic, necessary pieces in the room, fill it with the other things you love and need! Don't forget fresh flowers, an electric tea kettle for making tea without a stove, a mini-fridge for your own personal stash of champagne, snacks for those long mom cave sessions and your favorite picture of your kids.

If you have a little mom cave space in your own bedroom...

You don't need an entire room to yourself to create a mom cave. Even a mom corner can go a long way in rejuvenating yourself! Consider making a mom cave corner in your own bedroom — it's likely a spot in your house where you can at least find a tiny piece of privacy and hopefully, in your bedroom, you can avoid the sink full of dishes and dryer of clothes that's ready to be folded — out of sight, out of mind, right?

For a mom cave in your bedroom, make a dedicated corner in the room that's yours — you can use decorations that also fit the decor of your bedroom so that it doesn't look completely out of place. And don't forget to put a lock on your bedroom door!

If you have absolutely no possible spot in your house for your mom cave...

No room for a dedicated mom cave at home? Instead, put together a portable mom cave kit that you can easily take to whatever room you can find some peace and quiet in! Pick up a tote and pack it full of all the things you need to create a mom cave on the go and then keep it handy to pull out whenever you get a chance to have an hour to yourself.

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