Posted: Jul 06, 2012 4:01 AM
Have you booked a massage lately? If not, why? The only bad thing about a massage is the part where it ends. Use discounts for first-time visits or check in with popular group buying sites to get yourself an hour of pampering on any budget.

Relaxation massages are the most sensual, satisfying experience you can get without edging into R-rated territory. A massage is a chance to let someone else do all the work. You can even fall asleep if you want to. Discover three types of soothing massages that will leave you weak-kneed and relaxed.

Swedish massage

Also known as classic massage, Swedish massage is the most commonly known type of relaxation massage. It uses various types of strokes, including kneading motions and long, gliding strokes. Book a full-body massage for an hour of pleasurable strokes that can help you relax, can ease pain and might even help you with symptoms such as tension headaches. Before your massage, let your therapist know if you're feeling sore anywhere. If the massage is too light or too firm, just speak up and your therapist will adjust the pressure. Swedish massage is often the foundation for other types of relaxation massage. Remember to take off all jewelry before you leave for your massage so you don't waste precious minutes prepping in the massage room.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage

During an aromatherapy massage, your massage therapist will use the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to calm your mind. It might sound like magic, but it's actually science. Essential oils have been proven to elicit various responses from the body. Your massage will involve aromatherapy techniques meant to relax you deeply. Depending on your therapist's technique, the oils may be applied directly to your body or infused in the air, or both. After your massage, ask the therapist about which essential oils he used. If you found the aromas especially pleasing, look for lotions or natural room sprays that contain those essential oils. Concerned this type of treatment is a little too new age? Don’t worry, it still involves plenty of relaxing, traditional massage.

Hot stone massage

If you have tense muscles or you're interested in a particularly indulgent massage treatment, book a hot stone massage. Perfect for stress, this type of relaxation massage uses safely-heated stones to manipulate and warm the body. Your therapist places hot stones of various sizes onto strategic areas of the body, helping you sink into a state of deep relaxation. There's nothing like the sensation of having hot, oiled stones rubbed along your skin. Be careful, this type of relaxation massage will have you wanting to book another the moment you wobble back to your car.

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