Posted: Dec 26, 2012 5:00 AM
It’s the perfect time of year to refresh your toes with a bright polish color and a freshly-exfoliated glow. Do something good for your feet today. Get a pedicure at your local nail salon. Think pedicures are something other women get, but not you? Think again.

What could possibly be wrong with soaking your aching feet in hot, soapy water and getting totally pampered for half an hour? Next time you drive by the nail salon, pull over and get yourself a pedicure. Your feet will thank you.

Nail salons are fun

Remember having sleepovers and playing with makeup for hours? Going to a nail salon to have a pedicure is like going back in time to those unabashedly girlish gatherings.

You get to pick out your own polish from a wall of hundreds of nail polish colors. You get to watch TV and read trashy magazines. It's like a slumber party without the sugar rush and lack of sleep.

Nail techs are a little like therapists

If you've seen Legally Blonde, you know that salons have a reputation for being more about group therapy than shiny fingernails. There's some truth in that cliché. Women often end up chatting while getting nail treatments. If you're stressed about work or your relationship, or your kids, you can find someone at the salon who understands how you feel. Go ahead and let it all out. Your nail tech is used to making chit chat.

Pedicures feel really great

Let's be honest. Sometimes it's nice to completely chill out and let someone else take the reins. A pedicure consists of sitting in a giant massaging easy chair and vegetating while someone else takes care of the tedium of painting toenails. It's a winning equation. While a pedicure might not be in the budget every week or even every month, it's worth splurging on once in a while for the relaxing, indulgent sensations.

Also, it's good for your feet

How often do you scrub and exfoliate and care for your feet? If you're like many busy moms, the answer is never. Even if you give your feet a half-hearted pumice scrub every once in a while, you could use a professional's touch. Nail technicians use special scrubs, lotions and tools to soften your feet and shape your nails. When your pedicure is over, your toenails won't be smudged or haphazardly painted. They'll just look awesome.

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