Once you finally move your photos from your camera to your computer, what do you do with them then? If you’re like me, they sit on the computer, sometimes organized into folders, and sit... and sit... and sit. What’s the use of all those great moments and memories if you’re not sharing them? Here are a few of my favorite ways to actually use those darling family photos!

Create: ErinCondren.com


ErinCondren.com has a whole line of personalized products such as stickers, iPhone cases, notebooks, iPad folios, address labels and a whole lot more. My personal favorite is the customized acrylic block. Your photo is placed on the back of a one-inch-thick piece of acrylic, making it freestanding and giving it really cool depth. You can personalize the photo with text on the front and back. ErinCondren.com's designers work on each piece individually, and you can make it super customized. Choose from their font and colors or request your own color combinations. $59.

We love this!^ We love that there are so many design possiblities with these blocks, and they look so great mixed in with your other framed photos. Definitely a conversation piece!


Starting at $5



starts at $89

Canvas on demand

I use Snapfish as my online photo backup. I'm super paranoid that my hard drive will crash (most likely because one of my children will pour their drink right on the laptop!), and I'll lose all my family photos. So I'm disciplined, and every month or so I load all my newest photos to Snapfish. There are other sites out there such as Shutterfly, Flickr and Photobucket, but I feel comfortable with Snapfish's features and offerings so, for now, I'll keep swimming with the fishies!

Snapfish is great because you can:

  • Easily move and organize photos
  • Share a link to your newest photos with family and friends
  • Order prints by mail or for pickup at retailers such as Walmart and Walgreens
  • Use their iPhone app to move photos online

My favorite part^

Each time you do an upload, Snapfish automatically creates a photo book for you, all you have to do is order. So after you load all the birthday party pics, you can just order a book as a keepsake (or as gifts for family).


There are a lot of sites that offer wrapped canvas prints from digital photos (in fact, Snapfish and Erin Condren do too!), but CanvasonDemand.com is the one I've actually used. Now you could always take your digital photo and have it printed and framed in a large format, but there's something so artistic and archival about a wrapped canvas. CanvasonDemand takes your photo and prints it onto photo canvas, then literally wraps it around a frame. We have a 16 x 20-inch of our kids on a shelf in the family room, and it's amazing! It still stops me when I see it, and everyone comments on how lifelike it is. 16 x 20-inch canvases start at $89.

You can customize your artwork by choosing:

  • The frame width: I like the 1.5-inch thick option because it makes it really obvious that this is a wrapped canvas, and it can stand on its own if you place it on a shelf. The thin version is great if you think you might frame it.
  • Wrap style: You can choose to extend your image all the way around the frame (pick the image wrap option), or you can have the edges of the canvas be a solid color.
  • Retouching: If you need some photoshop magic done on your canvas, they'll do this for you too! You can have them replace the background, turn your photo into black and white or sepia, and give it a pixelpainting treatment that makes it look like an artist's painting.

Inside tip^

Be sure to subscribe to their emails because there is always a 20-percent-off promotion going on!

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