Posted: Jun 06, 2012 10:00 AM
Want the down-and-dirty scoop on motherhood from the banana-smeared trenches? You’ve come to the right spot. From confessional and controversial to funny and inspirational, we’ve compiled our list of the best mom blogs. Dig in!

Blog con Queso

How do you like your cheese? The founder of Kirtsy and Blog con Queso, Laura Mayes is an Emmy award-winning writer who loves British music, enchiladas, Elvis, sushi and, of course, queso. Her sassy, down-to-earth musings about everything from blogging to how to use up 150 pounds of squash are guaranteed to make you laugh. Not to mention her stunning photography. (Gasp!) How does she find the time?

Free Anissa

If you love honesty, humor, hope and bacon, you are going to fall in love with Anissa Mayhew. She is the wheelchair-sporting mom of three and the genius bloginatrix behind several popular sites including Aiming LowInsert Eyeroll and Free Anissa where mediocrity is king, bacon is a religion and everyone comes away feeling awesome.

Erin L. Margolin

When Erin writes, she touches something deep inside the glittery shadows of your soul. Her gift for searing honesty, even in the most heartbreaking moments, is unparalleled. Visit Erin L. Margolin where she blogs about her three adorable kids, having a gay dad, postpartum blues, getting a boob job, taking risks, green living and more.

Mommy Crib Notes

Get the step-by-step guide to doing the mommy hustle at Mommy Crib Notes. Kristi Valentini is also the editor for Milkshake Kids and her blog is full of bite-sized goodness about everything moms need to know.

Momsicle Vibe

Dive into the magical world of Momsicle Vibe where you can read the beautiful and gritty truth about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, baby love, healthy eating and even enjoy an open letter from her postpartum vajajay.

The Smartness

If you've ever struggled with infertility, J-Dub is your girl. The ballsy and beautiful gangsta mommy behind The Smartness, J-Dub writes with razor-sharp honesty about her remedial ovaries and ultimately her triumphant uterus which not only delivered her own four kids, but also a surrogate baby.

Good Day, Regular People

If you spend any time in the blogosphere, you will run into the Empress, who is very possibly the most encouraging, lovely blogger on earth. And did we mention her blog is wicked awesome too? Stay tuned to Good Day, Regular People where you are guaranteed to laugh so hard you choke and be moved to tears all within a single blog post.

Taming Insanity

Whether she's talking about mommy vomit, sister wives, the poopocalypse, or her 11-foot-tall mom, KLZ of Taming Insanity is chock full of insanity and fun. If you live life on the edge with your brood of wild munchkins, you are sure to relate to KLZ who is not afraid to share her own brand of insanity with the world.

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