Posted: Aug 31, 2012 5:00 AM
Everyone buys a beautiful baby book, hoping to fill it with special memories and events they cherished with their baby. When (and if!) the book is actually filled in, you are left with random tidbits at best. Why not capture stories about these early days in a blog? Keep reading for ideas about how to create and share stories about these baby days that will soon fade.

What is a blog, anyway?

Blogs are just like journals, but on the internet. A blog post is an entry in your journal, and can include pictures as well as stories. You can create tags and categories, so that your posts about you son's birth aren't buried in the posts about his potty-training. Privacy settings allow you to keep your blog private and just for family, or make it public and share with the masses.

There are several creative ways you can document your baby's life in a blog.


If you love to take photographs, this may be right up your alley. Pull together pictures grouped by week or by month, and put them all in one blog post. Adding small captions ties them together and gives you a sense for that time in your life. Your heart will go right back to that moment when you read those posts and gaze at that tiny baby. This post by Natalie at Life on the Mama Track is short on words but long on memories.

sluiter nation


There are so many milestones in childhood. Especially when babies are small, it seems that they are doing something new almost weekly. Capture those milestones for smiles down the road in a post like this one by Katie at Sluiter Nation.

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In these small moments


Some bloggers write a letter to their child, possibly marking a special occasion (like a birthday) or a milestone (like first steps). Reading first-person narratives written from the heart of a mom always brings me to tears. When I think about these letter-style posts, I always wonder what my own mom would have written to me. This letter to her son written by Nichole at In These Small Moments is so sweet.

Letters for lucas


Life with a baby is full of stories. Often these stories are often lost in the shuffle of naptimes, errands and wiping snotty noses. When something funny or amazing happens with your child, jot down a few notes and write the story on your blog during a quiet time. Saving these memories while they are fresh is a gift you give to your future self -- the mother of a teenager. Tonya at Letters for Lucas shares tender stories of her little boy like this one, and this story about a moment in time by Natalie at Life on the Mama Track is precious.

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Enjoying the small things

A bit of everything

Some bloggers are just dabbling a bit in it all -- images, stories and heartfelt letters to their child. When you read these posts, it's hard not to feel like you are in the room with mother and baby. Tears, smiles and giggles can all three be present in just one entry. Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things does an amazing job of this in this post. Reading just this one post gives you such a sense of what her family is doing.

Take action!^ Go ahead and start documenting your baby's stories -- you can thank us later.

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