No matter how much we love our kids, every parent reaches a boiling point where we’d find just about any excuse to slip away, even for a minute, for a little peace and quiet. We asked real moms where they go in their home to make the great escape... from their kids!

Ever have those days where you'd rather scrub your bathroom floors than hear one more second of Sponge Bob? From finding busywork in the home office, to playing Bejeweled in the bathroom -- moms will hide just about anywhere in their own home just to get a quick sanity break!

Potty break

When these moms need an escape from the chaos, the bathroom is their sanctuary.

Los Angeles mom of one, Brittney Guadagno, says she loads up her Nook with gossip magazines and escapes to the bathroom for a long bath.

San Diego mom, Beth Avant, likes to check out with a little game time. When she needs a break from the kids, she ducks away to the bathroom and plays a few minutes of Bejeweled on her iPhone.

Amber Moore-Smith hits the shower when she needs a mommy time-out. It's not only soothing, she says it's also the perfect place to tune out the noise of the whining and screaming that's inevitable with kids in the house.

Home office

Mom Allison Kabbara says when she needs a break she goes into her office at home and coupons. She says couponing is relaxing for her and when she goes into the office it gives the kids an opportunity to have some quiet time, too.

Dirty laundry

While reading gossip magazines (with celebrity dirty laundry) is the perfect mental break for many moms, Texas mom, Ashley Bratcher, actually opts do her own dirty laundry when she's maxed-out. With the white noise of the washing machine and the lock on the door, the laundry room might be the perfect hiding spot... even if it means you might actually have to do the laundry you'd otherwise gladly put off!

As long as there's chocolate

San Diego mom of three, Christina Holt, says that while she doesn't have one go-to place to hide in her home, she does have one go-to trick up her sleeve: chocolate. Holt has a few hiding spots where she's stashed chocolate around the house. She's definitely on to something since wherever there's chocolate, there's always a sweet escape!

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