Posted: Jul 12, 2012 8:00 AM
Tickle your funny bone with our top picks for the most hilarious mom bloggers on the web.

I'm gonna kill him

I'm Gonna Kill Him

Car keys in the fridge, underwear on the TV, phone in the mailbox, laptop on the roof of the car? Yep, it's just another day at I'm Gonna Kill Him, the blog that will make you laugh so hard you might end up with a hernia. With posts like "Love is a Pain in the Foot," "I Had an Incredible Title But I Forgot It" and "Dead Vagina Walking," you will quickly fall head over heels for Erin's wickedly honest and intoxicatingly fun view on family life.

Brilliant or sulk

Brilliant Sulk

Dangerously funny and full of photography so beautiful it will blow your mind, Brilliant Sulk is a must-read destination on the interwebs of hilarity. Pop in at any time of day or night and you may find her musing about buddy enemas, fighting off sharks, knitting a thong for her cat or foraging for mushrooms behind the dumpster at Whole Foods. But no matter what she's doing, she's guaranteed to make you think and make you laugh like never before.

Kludgy momKludgy Mom

Kludgy Mom isn't afraid to let her kludge show. Gigi is a retired high-tech marketer, recovering lawyer and mom of two for whom life never seems to go according to plan. But it's all good in Kludgyland, where no one can hold a candle to her laugh-out-loud posts about everything from her hatred of zwieback toast and Dora the Explorer's purple backpack, to the daily antics of Little CEO and Boy Wonder.

Dusty Earth Mom

Dusty Earth Mother

Shari is the sidesplittingly hilarious writer behind Dusty Earth Mother, a humor blog for the almost fabulous. On her pages, you will find out that she loves Twizzler Pull 'n' Peels, knitting, kissing her pug on the mouth, her belly-dancing mom, and of course, her two outspoken and absolutely adorable kids. When she's not designing dating websites for dogs or having imaginary conversations with her toilet, she might be making her magic over at Aiming Low or Mommy Poppins.

Unknown MamiUnknown mami

Unknown Mami is the most interesting woman in the world. And possibly the funniest too. Her blog, which she writes anonymously (hence the paper bag on her head) is an honest and oftentimes uproarious look at mamihood -- featuring everything from improvisational parenting and how to spend quality time with your laptop, to Dads Gone Wild and genius ways to repurpose… used diapers? Leave it to Unknown Mami. She's the woman with the bag on her head who knows all.



What are Mommypants? Well, we know one thing they are not -- Mom jeans. You know, those pants that ride so high that your waist band looks like it's trying to make out with your armpits? Shhhh… Don't raise your hand. We won't tell anyone. Cheryl at Mommypants is starting a revolution with her hilarious take on motherhood and the pants we need to play the part. Whether your day starts with a dirty diaper explosion or a fish tank full of chocolate syrup, Cheryl is here to remind you to grab a hold of your Mommypants and put those babies on. You're gonna need them.

Stroller ballet

The Stroller Ballet

Sarah isn't sure how she spent her time before she became a mom but she's pretty sure she didn't spend copious amounts of it watching TV shows featuring small guinea pigs or pretending to be a pirate sea turtle at the local park. But things are pretty different now that she's joined the motherhood. Can we get an Amen? Join Sarah on her adventures at The Stroller Ballet where she sees both the humor and the beauty in the small moments of life with a toddler.

Funny or SnotFunny or Snot

Poppy is a master at finding the funny under the snot. Or poop. Or puke. Or… well you get the idea. Despite being covered in a layer of dirt, snot and children, she finds something to laugh about every day. Don't miss a chance to decide for yourself whether it's Funny or Snot.

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