Posted: Jul 18, 2012 10:00 AM
The internet is the last frontier -- one of the few places you can speak your mind without fear. This also leads to countless critiques about other peoples' lives, particularly when it comes to parenting. Here's how to take a step back and focus on your here and now and not get so entangled in internet parenting debates.

When you become a mom, you're faced with dozens of choices -- do you have a natural birth, or go for an epidural? Do you circumcise your son, or leave him intact? Do you breast-feed, or bottle-feed? Do you co-sleep, or use a crib? Rear face your car seat until age 3? Feed organic foods? Let your baby eat French fries? And so on... Unfortunately, any of these decisions can lead to a fierce online battle that you probably didn't want to participate in.

Online moms

Each choice you make can be the subject of intense debate amongst the internet -- the land of faceless comments and little responsibility for what is said. You may be a member of an online mom community, participate with your friends and family on Facebook or simply comment on news articles. Post the wrong thing and an army of online moms can descend upon you when you weren't expecting it.

If you find yourself becoming immersed in an online parenting debate, log off and go outside.

Take a break

If you find yourself becoming immersed in an online parenting debate, log off and go outside. As with any other conflict, expressing (or typing) a response in the heat of the moment can often lead to regret, or you may say something you didn't mean and the discussion can spiral further out of control. Taking a break will allow you to cool down and clear your head.

Is it worth your time?

Ask yourself, is it really worth the thought? The debate? The stress? Some folks thrive on lively debate, and others just love drama, but if you're one who prefers their online time to be more peaceful, you may need to steer clear of online communities that are more prone to sparks than others.

Debate is part of life

No matter what, debate is part of life. It's rare that you will find a situation or online community where no drama or debate ever happens, so if you feel that twinge of "What did she say?!" popping up, just take a breather and come back later. Focus on your baby, go play outside, do the dishes -- and likely, you'll feel much better the next time you log in.

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