Posted: Aug 07, 2012 8:00 AM
Stay on the forefront of the green revolution with our top picks for the best green living blogs.

Yoli's Green Living

Are you a green diva? If so, you are in for a treat at Yoli's Green Living. This eco-chic blog was designed especially for you. With environmentally-friendly tips and tidbits on green living, healthy eating, fitness, clean beauty, eco-entertaining, natural wellness and much, much more -- Yoli's blog is your go-to destination for everything glam and green.

The Green parent

The Green Parent

Get up close and personal with earth-friendly living at The Green Parent. Jenn Savedge lives and breathes green parenting. Not only is her blog a storehouse of green living tips, she goes beyond the typical how-to posts to ask fundamental, thought-provoking questions about the green movement like, "Is modern society going green or it is just greenwashed?" Learn about how to get active in the environmental movement at The Green Parent.

Joe Mohr Toons

Joe Mohr Toons

Joe Mohr, aka "Mean Joe Green," is an avid environmentalist and creator of "Hank D and the Bee," as well as many other green cartoons. This happy hubby, daddy, bike lover, doodler/writer/painter, hobby beekeeper, traveler and above-average green bean grower is not afraid to tell it like it is. From organic farming and global warming to big coal to breastfeeding, Mean Joe Green covers it all in his riveting, razor's edge cartoons. Pop on over to Joe Mohr Toons to get the latest environmental news, toon-style.

Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home

Believe it or not, Béa Johnson can't remember the last time she took out the trash. At Zero Waste Home, you can't help feeling inspired by this amazing family who is living a truly sustainable lifestyle producing less than two handfuls of trash each year. They bring their own glass containers to the store to buy meat, make their own cleaning products and use compostable toothbrushes. Discover simple alternatives to eliminate household trash and make the world a better place at Zero Waste Home.

Natural farmacy

Natural Farmacy

Sustainable eating is good for you and good for the planet. Meet Tricia Vevurka, a devoted food naturalist, who asks the question, "Have we as a society forgotten what food really is?" Rediscover the power of natural foods to prevent and heal illness and learn what your body needs for optimal health at the Natural Farmacy.

Nature moms

Nature Moms

Feeling crunchy? Pop on over to Nature Moms where you can find your community at this outstanding online resource for natural family living, natural parenting and a natural approach to health and wellness. Learn how to live in harmony with nature and keep the earth beautiful for future generations.

Non-toxic kids

Non-Toxic Kids

Help your kids stay safe, healthy and smart at Non-Toxic Kids. Not sure which products are safe for your little ones? Katy Farber does the research for you and delivers it directly to your inbox. If you are looking for natural, green solutions for an eco-friendly home environment, Non-Toxic Kids is your one-stop-shop in the blogosphere.

Good girl gone green

Good Girl Gone Green

Green is the new black at Good Girl Gone Green. Tree-hugging Stephanie Moram is not kidding when she says she would rather put her compost in the fridge than let it rot in the trash. Trying to find the green in everyone is the name of the game at Good Girl Gone Green, where you can find a bountiful supply of green living tips, eco-friendly products, gardening ideas and recipes.

Groovy green living

Groovy Green Livin

Interested in making the switch to a greener, healthier lifestyle, but not sure where to begin? Lori Popkewitz Alper is here to hold your hand. At Groovy Green Livin, you'll find easy tips for your green lifestyle makeover and loads of encouragement too! Simple, small changes in your life can lead to a non-toxic, healthier lifestyle and a greener planet. Get started at Groovy Green Livin today.

Urban Organic Gardener

Urban Organic Gardener

Think your high-rise city apartment is too small to grow an organic garden? Think again! Visit the Urban Organic Gardener where you can get down-and-dirty tips on how to grow an amazing organic garden even if all you have for outdoor space is a fire escape. Get back to nature and grow your own food with Mike Lieberman at the Urban Organic Gardener.

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