Posted: Oct 28, 2012 8:00 AM
Looking for a fun non-candy treat to hand out this Halloween? Here's a simple Halloween craft: a bottle cap necklace. This necklace is inexpensive, easy to make, and is a sugar-free treat to hand out to trick-or-treaters. It will only take you a few minutes to make, and you just need a few common supplies.

Contributed by Heather Mann, of Dollar Store Crafts

bottleneck necklace supplies

What you'll need

  • Bottle caps, recycled or from the kids' craft section of your craft store
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black permanent marker
  • Narrow green ribbon
  • Hammer and small nail (optional) 

What you'll do

Step 1

Paint each bottle cap with orange acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry and give it a second coat of paint if necessary. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 2

Draw a jack-o'-lantern face on each of the bottle caps with black permanent marker.

If your bottle caps are not pre-punched with a hole (as they typically are when purchased from the craft store), you can easily make a hole in the cap with a hammer and small nail. To create a hole for your ribbon, simply place the bottle cap on a soft surface such as a towel, and hold the nail to the fluted part of the cap. Give the nail a tap with the hammer until a hole is created.

Step 3/4

Thread a piece of narrow green ribbon through the bottle cap hole to create the necklace and tie the ends in a knot.

Step 5

Wear your new creation or pass out to your little trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

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