How to Look Hot in a Minivan: A Real Woman's Guide to Losing Weight, Looking Great, and Dressing Chic in the Age of the Celebrity Mom by Janice Min, the former editor of Us Weekly, is a must-read for any mom who wants to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body and feel good about herself again after having a child. Now what mother on this planet doesn't want that?

If you're like the majority of moms out there, you're still wondering when or if you're ever going to see your pre-pregnancy body again. Or at the very least, when or if the scale will ever hit a number anywhere near the number before you got pregnant. If you were beginning to believe that day might never come, it's time to pick up a copy of Janice Min's book. Not because she promises you're going to look like Heidi Klum (mother of four) after you read it, but because its objective is to help you feel as good about yourself and your body as possible. And if, in the end, you also look like Heidi Klum, then more power to you!

The obsession with pregnant celebrities

How to Look Hot in a Minivan: A Real Woman's Guide to Losing Weight, Looking Great, and Dressing Chic in the Age of the Celebrity Mom

Janice Min is the one who made a bump watch a spectator sport. When she became editor in chief of Us Weekly magazine, she brought the idea of celebrity gawking to a whole new level. Suddenly, because of Min's own self-proclaimed obsession with celebrities whose bodies seemed to bounce back with lighting speed just weeks after giving birth, we were reading about — and becoming obsessed ourselves with — the celebrity pregnancy.

We wanted to know everything: what they were wearing, what strollers they were pushing and even what foods they were eating. Then Janice Min became pregnant herself and began to compare her own pregnancy to theirs. (It wasn't exactly going as well, especially when she considered her acne ridden face.) Then she dropped her hospital gown the day after giving birth and described her stomach as a deflated beach ball and her body as toneless — like it had been molded out of pizza dough by a toddler. And the idea for How to Look Hot in a Minivan was born. Her motto? If they can do it, so can I.

So how do you look hot in a minivan?

From the 10 wardrobe essentials every chic mom should own to the secrets to hiding a postnatal stomach pooch, Janice Min hits all the topics moms (old and new) care about. (What mother hasn't tried six ways to Sunday to find something that flatters her around the middle?) The idea behind the book is simple: You don't have to be rich and famous to look and feel fab after giving birth. But if you're thinking you're not going to be satisfied until you think you look like Angelina Jolie, you're missing the point of this book. It's about feeling and looking like the best you that you can be.

Min is very self-deprecating and informative in How to Look Hot in a Minivan. She covers it all! She debunks pregnancy myths (any woman who says she lost her weight by chasing after her baby is lying to you, she says), explores why some women bounce back faster than others (you know who you are and we all love to hate you!) and brings in top experts in the fields of fashion, fitness, diet and beauty. After reading this book, you're going to be reinvigorated, inspired and motivated to whip yourself into shape — both mentally and physically. And what mom doesn't need a good swift kick in the booty of her jeans (whether they be mom or skinny) every once in a while? Thank you to Janice Min!

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