Why buy expensive wall art when you can create your own for just a few dollars? By framing a colorful autumn leaf between glass, you can create inexpensive art to add some organic interest to your home decor. This floating, pressed leaf wall art project is so quick and easy anyone can do it!

Contributed by Heather Mann, of Dollar Store Crafts

framed leaf materials

Project materials

  • Two identical photo frames (with glass)
  • A pressed leaf
  • A photo hanging kit (optional)

A note about the supplies^ I got my plain black frames at the dollar store, and bought the pressed leaves from LeafDecor on Etsy — although you could certainly press your own leaves between wax paper under a stack of heavy books. A photo hanging kit can be helpful if you would like to hang your art up on the wall.

To make

1. Remove the back and paper insert of the first frame, and discard. Remove the glass from the second frame and set it aside.

Framed leaf art step 1

2. Clean the glass on both sides.

3. Place the frame face down on your work surface. Place the leaf on the glass.

framed art leaf step 2

4. Take the second pane of glass, and place it on the back of the frame, with the leaf sandwiched between the two panes of glass.

framed leaf art step 3

5. Close up the frame tabs.

framed leaf art step 4

6. Install a picture-hanging wire or tab on the back of frame, if desired.

autumn leaf DIY art

Styling tips

  • Strength in numbers: This art looks fabulous when grouped together. Choose different sizes, styles or colors of frames and display three of them together, leaning up against the wall on a bookcase.
  • Autumn accessories: Accessorize your framed floating leaves with a rustic vase and a bare branch, and add a small owl statue to bring that fall trend into your decor.
  • More pressed leaf crafts: Dip your pressed leaves in wax to preserve and protect them, then string them together in a rustic garland to hang on your fireplace mantle. Or, Mod Podge pressed leaves to a recycled Mason jar for a pretty hurricane candle holder.

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