We tend to put our family, our work and everything else above our own priorities. That's a sure recipe for a worn-out, dare we say resentful mommy. Resolve to schedule some much-deserved me time this year with these easy-to-stick-to tips.

Steal an extra hour in the day

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Simply waking up an hour earlier than everyone else in your family can seem like a mini daily vacation. Okay, that might be a stretch... but you'll be surprised what you can do with an uninterrupted 60 minutes.

Don't get caught up in making the day's lunches for the kids or ironing your hubby's work shirt. This is your time, remember? Have a solo cup of coffee on the patio, read the paper (or your fave mag) in silence or pop in an exercise DVD and get a jumpstart on that other New Year's resolution.

If you're not a morning person, flip the script and stay up an hour later after you've tucked your loved ones into bed each night.

Don't over commit

Part of feeling stretched to the limit is your fault — for being a yes man (well... woman). Don't feel obligated to always volunteer in your kids' classrooms, bring the snack for their soccer games or head-up the neighborhood carpool.

Take a step back and rearrange your schedule so that you are only committing to the events that you have the time to truly enjoy... without feeling steamrolled by obligation.

Pencil it inpenciling in time

You schedule the rest of your family's appointments, events and meetings on your calendar — why not yours? You have to make yourself as important as everyone else in your family.

Discuss your me time needs with your partner. Then mark your time on the calendar so if the hubs needs to step in and help during that time, he can be prepared to do so.

Take a helping hand

Sometimes getting your me time in will require the help of your man, your mom or a well-trusted babysitter. Adjust your thinking so you don't get sucked into any mom-guilt feelings during your me time.

Baby steps

As with any lifestyle change, you have to take it step by step if you are going to be able to maintain it for the long-term. As excited as you may be to wake up on January 1 and announce you're taking a solo week-long trip to a spa in Hawaii, we suggest you set a more realistic pace for your me time resolution.

Though we highly encourage you to keep those tropical getaway dreams alive! A reward for taking back your me time in 2013, perhaps?

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