Christmas is just around the corner, but it's not too late to send out holiday cards. And you don't even have to resort to electronic ones!

Call me a procrastinator, but the truth is that I'm more of a too-busy-to-breathe girl than an I'll-just-do-it-later one these days. In my dreams, I'm wearing an apron, baking holiday cookies, addressing my holiday cards by December 1 and sleeping eight hours a night.

In reality, I need to wash my hair, I'm picking up premade (but organic!) Christmas cookies from Whole Foods, I'm glancing sideways at the pile of envelopes that need addressing, while I work on my laptop and I'm sleeping four hours on a good night.

Holiday traditions

Still, I absolutely love receiving holiday cards. Seeing pictures of my friends' families and kids puts a smile on my face. For years, I've happily collected those cards and displayed them in our home without sending any out. So, this year, I set out to change that. I asked my husband, who is a talented hobby photographer, to take a holiday picture of our kids.

And I ordered holiday cards from OfficeMax ImPress print center. That was a process, just because there are so many options. I ended up choosing a card that allowed for four photos, so I dug through images from the past six months and created a card that I loved.

It's not too late

You can still order cards, too. There's a two-day shipping option and if you're all set with your address list, you can whip them out and drop them in the mail by the weekend, meaning they'll arrive a week before Christmas!

As for me, my motto these days is "Better late than never." I plan to have them all in the mail by next Friday, but even if that doesn't happen, I figure a just-after-the-holidays card is a lovely surprise!

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