The gray skies of January offer the perfect opportunity to stay inside curled up with a great book. These book recommendations will help every reader determine what to read. From the Pacific Crest Trail to small Canadian towns, the best books of 2012 span all genres.

Gone Girl cover

If you love thrillers

Gillian Flynn's tightly written Gone Girl will make you look twice at that uber-attractive couple down the block. When the lovely Amy Dunne disappears, her husband Nick clearly has something to hide. Then Flynn shifts Gone Girl's perspective to Amy's diary entries, and readers have to decide who to trust.

Wild cover

For memoir fans

When Cheryl Strayed's life spirals to its lowest point, she undertakes a potentially spirit-breaking journey. Wild chronicles her solo experience hiking over eleven hundred miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Strayed meets rattlesnakes, bears and personal demons on her journey from rock-bottom to a place where she wants to live again.

The Fault in our stars

To read with your teen

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars centers on the unique reality of teenagers living with, and dying from, cancer. Green never romanticizes the impact of cancer on Hazel and Gus or their families, yet The Fault in Our Stars is ultimately about how we live, how we love and how we move on when life hurts.

Dear Life cover

If your time is limited

Dear Life: Stories is consummate storyteller Alice Munro's latest book of short stories. Each story shows how life can hinge on a small moment or event, where something seemingly inconsequential ends up changing everything. The final four stories take place in the geographical area of Munro's youth, and she claims they are the closest things she's written to autobiographical work.

Bared to You cover

To steam up your mirrors

Bared to You is the first novel in Sylvia Day's Crossfire trilogy and introduces Eva and Gideon, a couple drawn to each other in an erotic, sensual connection complicated by their damaged pasts. Scorching love scenes pepper the beginning of their story, which is continued in Reflected in You and will be concluded in 2013's Entwined with You.

Buck's Landing

Support independent publishing

Cameron D. Garriepy used the power of crowd-sourcing and independent publishing to bring her debut romance novel to life. Set in Hampton Beach, Buck's Landing is a tale of escaping the past only to discover that roots can be stronger than anticipated. Sophia Buck is beautiful, intelligent and humanly flawed, making her a romance heroine worthy of a happy ending.

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