Just admit it... it's okay. You don't like football. Leave the guys behind this Super Bowl Sunday and squeeze in some quality time with your fellow anti-football girlfriends. We promise there won't be a touchdown dance in sight!

Trade tailgating for brunch

Let's do a side-by-side comparison...

Tailgating: Outside in the cold, eating food in a parking lot with way too many people you don't know and will likely try to friend you on Facebook (and post pictures of you in a soggy ponytail!). There's no doubt it was fun, pre-kids, when you weren't paying a babysitter $15 an hour to be out of the house, but somehow, tailgating has lost its appeal along the way!

Brunch: Tucked inside of your favorite little bistro, wearing that pretty dress that you never seem to get the chance to wear, noshing on bites of deliciousness and chatting with your best girlfriends. Pretty sure brunch wins the coin toss on this one!

Trade cheap beer for Champagnechampagne

Even if you're at home, with your husband cheering on his favorite team in the family room, you can take over the living room for some girl time! Tell his buddies to bring their wives and girlfriends and while they're shouting at the TV (and likely sploshing beer on your new white ottoman), the girls can chill out on the other side of the house. Pop open a bottle of Champagne, or two, serve a light lunch that does not include queso in any of its ingredients, and catch up on all of that time you've lost while your guys were out watching the game over the past five months. Need something fun to pass the time? Play a fun game, like Bunco!

Trade the crowded bar for a serene spa

Let's imagine, for a moment, the place that is the exact opposite of a Super Bowl bar scene. Go ahead, close your eyes. We see white fluffy robes and soft music that sounds like the rainforest. We see hot stone massages and pedicures and soothing eye masks. We see wine and girl chats and sauna time. Ladies, this is the day you need to book yourself some time at the spa. See if the grandparents can kiddo-sit, Velcro the remote and a bag of chips to your husband's hands on the couch and head out the door for some chill time with your best girls. There's only one rule — no checking the score of the game on your phone while you're there!

Trade the commercials for a chick flick

Getting to watch the Super Bowl commercials is not worth sitting through the game for, ladies. You can always catch them on YouTube Monday while you're avoiding washing the shirt that your husband dripped hot wings sauce all over the day before! We're guessing that you'll have pick of the house at the theater on Super Bowl Sunday! Grab a big group of girls and head to the movies together to watch whatever chick flick is currently at the top of the box office.

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