With everyone having a camera in their back pocket, photography has taken off in a big way. Sharing great ideas for unique photographs is easy now with Pinterest. Whether you’re a budding photographer or a seasoned professional, inspiration and ideas are always appreciated. We share some of our favorite Pinterest photography boards.

We get it — Pinterest is a mindless way to kill time, possibly an obsession. Beyond the adorable outfits with riding boots and coordinating handbags, there's a whole lot of inspiration and information on Pinterest to get your creative self pumped up. If you love photography like we do, check out these Pinterest boards with great ideas and beautiful images.

I Heart Faces pinterest board
Photo credit: Keli Hoskins and iHeartFaces.com

Photographing children

Sure, you take pictures of your kids — but some images go beyond simple snapshots and really take your breath away. We found some great inspiration (and cute kids) on the I Heart Faces Children's Photography Pinterest board. From simple ideas for posing your kid to fun ways to stage a group shot, there are a ton of great ideas here. I Heart Faces has lots of great Pinterest boards on everything from camera equipment to photography tips and tutorials. This pin shows great ways to pose your 3- to 4-month-old baby for some super cute shots.

A Beautiful mess pinterest board
Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

A little bit of everything

Wondering where to start with a photography board on Pinterest? Mary Lauren Weimer is a freelance writer and blogger who finds inspiration in a variety of places. She has a great photography board on Pinterest with a mixture of tutorials, Photoshop ideas and techniques, inspiring shots and unique perspectives. This article she pinned from A Beautiful Mess on how to make your own canvas art is a great example of something you can do with your photos to really make them into a work of art.

Kids photo pinterest board
Photo credit: Come Together Kids

Photo projects

Want to take your photos to the next level, but aren't sure how? Clickin Moms — an amazing photography community — has a great Pinterest board with DIY photo projects that will make you wonder why you've been hiding yours in albums all these years. From the simplest project to some that require a bit more time, there is something for everyone on this board. This pin from Come Together Kids shows you how to make the cutest photo bookmarks, which are great gifts for anyone from a grandmother to a favorite teacher.

She Cooks He Cleans food photography
Photo credit: She Cooks He Cleans

Food? Yes, please

Great food photography has the ability to make your mouth water — why else do so many people call their Pinterest food boards Food Porn? AllParenting writer and blogger Galit Breen has a Pinterest board with strictly food and craft photographs, and great inspiration for times when your subject isn't living and breathing. This is a great board to check out if you are a food blogger or writer, or just looking for unique ways to frame a shot. This image from She Cooks He Cleans makes us wish it were a bit closer to lunchtime.

Sara boulter photographyInspiration? Right here

Alicia Rasmussen is the creative spirit behind Project Alicia, one of our favorite photography blogs. She has an incredible eye for beauty, and a great Pinterest photography board with photos of anything you can imagine — people, places, animals and nature. This is not only a great board for photography nuts, but a great browsing board when your spirit needs a lift. This pin from Sara Boulter photography is a great example of cute poses for couples.

Photo credit: Sara Boulter photography

TEll us!^ Do you have a favorite Pinterest board for photography? Share it with us in the comments.

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