Vine is Twitter's newest microblogging app. Perfect for short attention spans and bursts of creativity, Vine lets you share videos that are only six seconds long. Discover four ways to take advantage of Vine's cool features.

Perplexed by Twitter's newest microblogging sensation, Vine? Let us show you how to make the most of this short attention span video sharing app for the iPhone. Instead of panning a six second shot of your dinner plate, try one of these creative ways to share video content on Vine.

Make stop motion movies

It's easy to blow your kids' minds with simple, stop motion movies on Vine. Try setting up an action figure, or a simple toy like a dinosaur, on a flat surface. Open Vine and tap to shoot video. Keep your phone stabilized as best you can, preferably with a small tripod. (Don't worry, you can find them for under $10.) Shoot very brief clips by tapping the screen and moving the toy incrementally between each shot. When you're finished, you'll have a tiny stop motion movie. Once you get a hang of it, try more elaborate sets. Just try to avoid background noise and music or you'll end up with a very disjointed, unpleasant sound.

Let your kids star in motion picture shorts

Challenge your children to write, direct and star in six second shorts using Vine. The real challenge is in nailing the scenes sequentially with just one set of takes. Vine movies are easiest to shoot in four scenes or less. Dialogue has to be kept at a minimum. By giving your kids major time constraints, you'll challenge their creativity and problem solving skills. Just make sure their efforts aren't spamming your Twitter timeline as you complete and upload them. Save the best results for sharing to your Twitter list at large.

Mini tutorials

Do you make the best smoothies in the world? Teach your friends how to make them using incredibly brief directions. If you've always fancied yourself a TV chef, here's your chance. Try to limit your tutorials to around four steps, filming relevant ingredients and tools as you very quickly explain what to do. While you can't explain a complicated recipe in six seconds, the time constraints are perfect for cocktail recipes, easy DIY crafts, cleaning tips and hairstyle tutorials. Get shooting!

Set a 365 project in motion

Kids change a lot over the span of a year. Whether you're into photography or not, Vine makes it easy to capture small moments in a child's life. Make a habit out of taking one Vine video of your child a day. Shoot on the fly or always stage it in the same spot, such as up against a wall or in the yard. As your yearlong project goes on, you'll have a record of your child or baby's development in motion.


  • Vine logoWant to embed video? Try sending your Vine to Twitter, clicking on details on the tweet and embedding the entire tweet in a blog post. The video will play directly within the embedded tweet.
  • When you're shooting, keep in mind that videos loop continuously.
  • Concerned by the lack of features? Keep in mind that this is a newborn app. Chances are it will develop in future updates. We're hoping for the ability to see all of your videos in one place on the web.
  • Don't allow your children to use Vine unsupervised. Adult content has been known to show up on the network.
  • This app is currently only available for the iPhone.

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