Whether you’re the type of reader to keep one book on your nightstand or four open in various stages on your Kindle, there’s nothing like book recommendations from people you trust. Use these allParenting writers' recommendations to add titles to your must-read book list this spring.

Keep up with a series

The Girl Who Played with Fire

Leigh Ann is reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, the second book in Stieg Larsson's Millennium series. Lisbeth Salander disappeared with enough money to line the vaults of most banks, and now her fingerprints are on a murder weapon.

A Dance with Dragons

Jessica is reading A Dance with Dragons (by George R. R. Martin), the fifth book in the Game of Thrones series. In the wake of a battle, the land of the Seven Kingdoms is in turmoil.

Go back in time

The American Heiress cover

Nichole read The American Heiress (by Daisy Goodwin) and says, "For the most part, I loved it despite its problematic ending." Cora Cash is the daughter of an American billionaire who levies her family's fortune for social status.

Suite Française cover

Katie is reading Suite Française (by Irène Némirovsky). Némirovsky wrote this novel before she died in Auschwitz, leaving behind a tale of the uneasy cohabitation of Parisians and German soldiers in a village outside of Paris in 1940.

Embrace non-fiction

AllParenting team embracing non-fiction

Laura is reading Manifest Injustice (by Barry Siegel) for a book club and anticipating She Matters by Susanna Sonnenberg. Siegel tells the story of Bill Macumber, convicted of a brutal double murder to which another man confessed. In She Matters, Sonnenberg examines female friendships in their magnificence and disappointment.

Ami says, "I just finished Heads in Beds which was hilarious and yet makes me never want to stay in a hotel again." Jacob Tomsky's irreverent memoir lets readers in on the secrets he's gleaned from working in the luxury hotel business.

Search for a happily ever after

The Age of Miracles cover

Lisa says The Age of Miracles (by Karen Thompson Walker) has "some of the best writing I've read in a while." Julia faces a new reality when Earth's rotation slows, shifting her relationships along with the gravitational pull.

Family Pictures

Lisa also recommends Family Pictures (by Jane Green), a gripping novel about a man and father married to two different women and the steps they will each need to take to understand and come to terms with his devastating betrayal.

Chills and thrills

AllParenting team reads- Chills and Thrills

Mary just finished Dare Me (by Megan Abbott), a novel about teenage cheerleaders and the fierce loyalty that binds a group of girls together even while they're clawing each other apart.

Next on her list is Sharp Objects (by Gillian Flynn). Camille Preaker is a reporter with a painful past literally written across her skin. As she gathers information about a killer preying on young girls in her hometown, her past and present collide.

Elizabeth and Ami are both reading Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn), one of the six must-read winter books. The plot twists around Amy Dunne's disappearance and her husband's role as suspect until the tight spiral reveals the core of their marriage.

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