There are two types of people in this world — the ones who are photogenic and the ones who aren't. Put yourself in that first crowd by learning to take the perfect self-picture using your phone! From tips on how to make yourself look long and lean, to the face expressions you should never use, grab your phone, put on some lip gloss and say cheese!

Hey, good lookin'

Before you turn the camera around on yourself, put on your best face. We don't mean to sound old-fashioned and, of course, we think that you're gorgeous in your own skin, but... when you're trying to perfect a self-picture, a little lip gloss and freshly washed hair goes a long way! Let's not get crazy and take a shower especially for practicing selfies. But the next time you're feeling good about the way you look — your hair is behaving, you found a new bronzer that makes your skin shine or you're wearing a shirt that makes your eyes pop — grab your camera and start clicking!

Practice makes perfect

You know those moms who always look great in their self-photos? That smile (not too cheesy, not too serious), those bright, flirty eyes, the way they always seem to tilt their head just so — they've been perfecting those moves! The bottom line is, when it comes to taking a picture of yourself or, really, anytime you have your photograph taken, the more you practice finding your own best look on film, the better you'll be at recreating it... naturally. Charge up your phone, make a date with the place in your home that has the best natural light and say cheese — over and over and over again. Just remember to delete the bad ones when you're done with your mini-photoshoot or your 5-year-old will, without a doubt, accidentally text one of those pictures to your boss.

allParenting self-portrait DON'T faces

Quack, quack: Faces to avoid

The last time we checked, we're not 13 anymore. Leave the duck face for your teenager (shown here, in case you didn't know what it was called). Other looks to avoid: The "I'm bored/annoyed/constipated" look, the "way too close" look, the "I just rolled out of bed" look and the "I just worked out and am really sweaty" look. While you don't need to look like you're at Glamour Shots (remember those?) in every single self-picture you take, if you're going to share your selfie on Facebook, Instagram or your blog, your friends and followers will thank you for ditching these looks.

allParenting self-portrait bad camera angles

Find your own 45 degrees

allParenting best self-portrait exampleOnce you've graduated from figuring out how to smile just so and keep your eyes open when you press the shutter button, start messing around with camera angles. Instead of holding your phone straight out in front of your face at a 90-degree angle from your nose, hold it up at 45 degrees, somewhere above your forehead, then tilt your face up to match it. Add a slight face turn and you've just discovered the secret to making your face and neck look long, lean and angled. Do be careful, as an above angle can easily go from chic to deer-in-the-headlights in the bat of an eyelash extension!

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