As the blogosphere grows ever larger, it takes a lot to make a blog stand out from the crowd. When I stumbled across the blog La La Lovely, I was struck by the elegant simplicity of the design and the pretty and well-written content. Then I saw her family and home featured in the Land of Nod catalog and I was even more smitten. At the Alt Summit design conference, I was lucky enough to meet the blogger behind La La Lovely, Trina McNeilly, and she is just as sweet as her blog name suggests.

First of all, I love your blog. It's just the right dose of floaty inspiration for my day. Tell me about when and why you started blogging and your favorite aspects of it.

I think my favorite thing about blogging is that it is this blank page that is just waiting to be written and designed.

Trina McNeilly^ I started blogging nearly five years ago and at the time I really wasn't entirely sure what a blog was. I was at a place, you know, that stay-at-home mom place, of wanting to do something (anything) that felt like me. Only, I didn't know what that was. What I did know was that I always had a love of writing and nowhere to spill my words (other than my journals). I also seemed to have an unintentional habit of finding the lovely (which only lead me to start looking for it). And it seemed that my friends were always asking me where to find this or that (shops, restaurants, design, etc.). It just so happened that at about the same time I was working out this desire to do something, I was on vacation and picked up a Domino magazine (lovely overload) and stumbled upon blogs. I knew almost instantly that I had to start one and so I did.

I think my favorite thing about blogging is that it is this blank page that is just waiting to be written and designed. Besides having this amazing creative outlet, I love the community of it all. Connecting with others, making friends and having a continual conversation with readers is the best!

You're married to your childhood sweetheart. I just love that. Can you tell me a little bit about your partnership with your husband? What does he think about the blog?

TM^It's true. I met my husband when I was just 14. We have a pretty fun story, that I always love reminiscing about. Fast forward a little more a lot of years and add four kids in the mix and here we are today.

Stephen is a great partner and a huge help with the kids. He's a really hands-on dad and helps with baths, bedtimes and school drop offs. I'm super grateful because I'd certainly not be able to do all that I do if it wasn't for him helping out and I'd be crazy frazzled. I always breathe a sigh of relief when he walks in at night. After school until dinnertime is the hardest part of the day, no doubt!

Although I'm pretty sure Stephen doesn't read my blog, he is supportive of what I do (but, I'm sure he wishes I'd go to bed a little earlier). I think he just gets a little nervous when I start showing him decor images because he knows that usually leads to me wanting to change or update something.

Your family is just adorable. Four little ones must make for a lot of love in the house! :) Tell me a little bit about your children and if you choose to include them in the blog.

TM^Thank you! There is definitely a lot of love with four little ones and a lot of crazy too. We have a print up in our family room that says, "In the madness there is love." And I think that pretty much describes our house during this season of life.

In the madness there is love.

My oldest, Ella, just turned 10 (what?!?!). Then there are my three wild and sweet boys, Luke is 7, Liam Brave is 3 and Rocco is almost 2.

Ella is always singing her heart out and making movies while the boys are jumping off couches, having sword fights and growling like tigers. I do include the littles on my blog because they are a part of everything I do. I don't think I could be as authentic as I want to be if I didn't include them (however, I'm pretty strict about being private about certain things). I often share pictures of them on my Fave Friday posts and on each of their birthdays I write a special post (which seems to be a favorite among readers).

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