Last week Twitter turned 7 years old. To say that social media has reinvented the landscape of the internet would be an understatement, and it seems that more social media platforms launch every day trying to compete with Twitter and the omnipresent Facebook. One app that has complemented it quite nicely is Instagram. Read on for a few of my favorite Instagram accounts and follow along!

Say "Cheese!" If you follow me on Instagram, you're either enjoying yourself or you're annoyed by my random photos. To make up for this (or to enhance it, depending upon how you look at it), I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Instagram feeds below so that you can enjoy some of my favorite people and some of my favorite photos. Some are parenting-related, some are not, but all are worthy of a looksie.

Jessica Shyba is (for now) an NYC mom who takes some of the best Instagram pics I've ever seen. She's a crazy eye for what that little square can capture — and when you mix that with three adorable kids and the NYC landscape, you get a great account. She's moving back to California soon, so I cannot wait to see what the West Coast brings to her feed.

Much like her incredibly active Facebook page and site, Jessica's Instagram feed is full of breastfeeding. Shocker. So if that's not really your thing, you might not want to follow. However, if you don't you're denying yourself one of the most interesting families I've found — just a full house of ladies (except her husband) always up to incredibly creative playtime, crafts and great family bonding. Check them out.

As one of the owners and founders of Magic Beans in Boston, Sheri Gurock has helped build one of the most well-respected specialty stores in the juvenile industry. Now you can follow her and her family as the visit museums and travel as she homeschools her two daughters this year. Aside from that, she's a wicked smaht baker, has a fun eye for photography, and you *might* catch me on there every now and then.

Bethany Winters is a stylist and mom in Los Angeles, and her Instagram feed is a mixture of palm trees, sunny landscapes and adorable kids. She has the Instagram gift as well, and when you mix that with a bit of sass you get an account that's nailing it.

Just go follow. Seriously. Cute kid, amazing photography and some of the best shots of NYC you'll ever see in a tiny square. She's funny as all hell and I have mad jealousy for her filtering skills.

Jill is my jam. Her feed is full of pics of her kids, her crafts, her life and her currently growing belly (she's in her second trimester). Jill is a terrific photographer regardless, with a killer wit — and she'll be one of your favorites.

If you know their site, or their Facebook page or their Twitter account, you'll know that Charlie and Andy are a very funny duo. Wicked sense of humor, cute kids and lots of chatter. What else would you want out of an account?

Jenny Sherouse is a photographer in NYC. Aside from a crazy eye for amazing photos, she has two of the cutest kids you'll ever see. Follow this account to get great pics of life in NYC with two young-uns, as well as absurdly cute kids.

Like the name implies, this is an account where people submit their attempts at Pinterest projects that have gone horribly wrong. You'll see deformed cupcakes, bad crafts and lots of other fun.

That's mine. Just in case you're not. Share your favorite Instagram accounts below! Share your Instagram accounts! See you next week!

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