It's likely that you've heard some buzz about these parties, been invited to one or even hosted one yourself. Forget about candles and jewelry — sex toy parties are the hottest new trend on the at-home party scene and we have everything you need to know about them right here. Do we even need to remind you that this isn't suitable for at-work or kid-time reading?

The new girls' night out?

You are invitedYou and your mama friends have done every possible girls' night out experience in your entire city — mani-pedis, wine tastings, book club get-togethers, game nights. Aren't you ready for something new? If you haven't already been to a sex toy party (they come by many names!), you may be surprised when that first email invite arrives in your inbox. But, hold back your judgment — and your shock! — until you hear what these parties are really like!

Party time!

OK, we'll admit, Tupperware parties these are not. However, if you've ever hosted or been to a Tupperware or similar at-home party before, you'll pretty much get the idea of how these parties go... except that the products for sale at a sex toy party are a bit more, well, personal, than picking up a new set of fridge storage furry handcuffs

But, these parties often go beyond throwing a few vibrator options out of a coffee table. Just like any at-home party, there are also demonstrations, some interactive activities for the guests to try the products that are available and detailed instructions from the consultant about how to use their products to improve your sex life. Of course, participation is optional and the depth of the demonstrations will only go as far as the hostess has given the consultant approval to do, but closing your eyes, covering your ears and singing to yourself, a la your 5-year-old, is not recommended.

Are you freaked out now? Here's the good news that we probably should have started with — beyond a mom who brought her college-aged daughter to a party with her (cringe!), there wasn't a mom we talked to who said that they felt uncomfortable or embarrassed about attending a sex toy party with their girlfriends. In fact, even the most modest of moms, who confess that they only went because they were dragged, kicking and fighting, by their friends to the party, said that they had a great time, that they laughed more than they had in years and that the new inside jokes that they now have with the other moms who were at that party are priceless. Each mom also thought it was important to share that there is no pressure to buy anything at the party, even less so than at other at-home style shopping events. However, everyone at the parties said that they went on to purchase something very willingly!

If you're interested in being a party hostess, there are multiple companies to choose from, depending on where you live. Passion Parties is a popular option, as they have consultants in every corner of the U.S. Other options include Tasteful Treasures, CAHPA (Certified Adult Home Party Association), Surprise Parties and Athena's. We highly suggest doing your research before booking a party, as each company has a slightly different feel to them. Also, the key to having a successful sex toy party is to find a consultant that you connect with well. Don't be afraid to give them the scoop on the party you have in mind! Trust us, in this line of work, they've heard everything before!

What moms are saying

Need to know what real moms are saying before you click "yes" for your RSVP? Check out what these brave (and anonymous!) moms want you to know about sex toy parties!

All of the ordering itself was done in a separate room, so nobody had to share what they were purchasing — or not purchasing — if they didn't feel comfortable.

"Almost everyone at the party ended up buying something and we consulted over most of it." One mom shares, "All of the ordering itself was done in a separate room, so nobody had to share what they were purchasing — or not purchasing — if they didn't feel comfortable. It was a perfectly silly and fun girls' night in... once you got past the passing around of giant rubber penises."

Another mom tells us about the party she went to, hosted by a good friend of hers: "It was low key and really fun!" She continues, "The amount of items for sale, however, was overwhelming. Who knew there were so many different types of vibrators?"

People are discussing things that would otherwise make you blush, but, at the party, it's no big deal!

"There is a very odd overall vibe (pun intended!) at these parties," a mom of two tell us. "People are discussing things that would otherwise make you blush, but, at the party, it's no big deal!"

So, tell us, have you been to or hosted a sex toy party before? It's a fun way to bond with your best girlfriends over something that should be kept in the bedroom... your own bedroom, that is!

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