Posted: May 31, 2013 8:00 AM
Let’s face it — there are days when the routine and mess of motherhood, family and career really aren’t at all what you would choose. We all have a secret passion or a life we could be living, even if it’s silly and virtually impossible. We asked some of our favorite moms where they would rather be.

Do you have a secret fantasy life you can mentally transport yourself to when the craziness of your day gets to be too much? These moms do — and they've invited us along for the ride.

Broadway, baby!

“I've always had secret dreams of being on Broadway, which is laughable considering I can't carry a tune,” shares writer Lisa Steinke. “My voice is so bad that cats cower and glass breaks when I sing.” Lisa says she has enjoyed going to see Broadway shows since she was a little girl. “From Annie to Les Miserables, I've seen them all. But it was only when I reached my teen years that reality sunk in — I'd always [be] in the audience and never on the stage,” she laments. “Although I've accepted I will never sing in public, I haven't stopped performing ‘privately' — my poor family will have to continue to suffer as I belt out the latest show tunes from inside the shower!”

Come to my cottage

Writer Mary Fetzer dreams of a cottage and guests galore. “My secret dream is to live in a quaint cottage on a New England beach and have enough disposable income to fly friends and family to visit (and stay in the just-as-quaint guest cottage) and travel the world at my leisure,” she shares. “The most unlikely ‘fantasy' portion of this would be getting my tropics-loving husband to agree! Since I was a very little girl, I've loved every type of storybook cottage,” she says. “In fact, I've kept all of these books just so I can look at them. My fantasy cottage would be a compilation of these precious illustrations.”

Adventure, anyone?

Fifth grade teacher Gina has a cool fantasy life that she would live, given the chance. “Next lifetime, I am going to be an archeologist, just like Indiana Jones,” she shares. “Ancient cultures, hidden dangers and a cool whip. I will get to travel, find treasures and never have to eat at Chuck E. Cheese's,” she adds. I think all moms can relate to that.

My life — taken up a notch

I think in my own secret fantasy life, I would be doing what I'm doing now, but I'd be doing it much more glamorously.

Writer Katie Kavulla loves the life she's in now but imagines a more glam version at times. “I think in my own secret fantasy life, I would be doing what I'm doing now, but I'd be doing it much more glamorously,” she shares. “I'd be wearing perfectly styled outfits to school pick-up in the afternoons — instead of yoga pants and my boring black, covers-my-rear-end rain jacket."

“I'd get blowouts every week and while I was working — at my beautifully designed office, naturally — Mary Poppins (or the modern day equivalent, so maybe Kate Middleton?) would be at my house helping my children (who aren't bitter that I'm working) with their homework, while she was prepping dinner and cleaning my toilets. Oh, and did I mention my personal assistant who goes to Costco for me? That too,” she adds.

I spy

But in an absolute fantasy world, I'd like to be a spy.

“Of course there's the dream of writing in a garret somewhere — fine, a well-equipped loft with natural lighting and a doorman — with access to calorie-free bread and cheese all day,” says writer Angela Amman.

“But in an absolute fantasy world, I'd like to be a spy, like Jennifer Garner in Alias — performing crazy athletic feats in fancy disguises, conversing in languages I barely understand, withstanding torture and negotiating with unreasonable people,” she shares. “Actually that's a lot like my real life, if you consider plastic princess heels a fancy disguise and hidden Legos a torture device... now I just need to get a few funky-colored streaks in my hair.”

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