Posted: Jun 12, 2013 9:00 AM
Twitter is an easy way to promote your blog, connect with friends and stay up to date on current events. Instead of spending your limited time on the computer checking Twitter, let these top Twitter apps keep you connected on the go.


Twitter appTwitter has its very own app for tweeting on the go. Much like the actual Twitter application on the computer, it's not as user friendly as one would like. It's simple to switch between the home screen and your interactions including tweets sent to you and people who have followed you. You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts using this app and change your profile information. Pictures, videos, links and location can all be added to tweets making it easy to tweet on the go.

My two biggest problems with the Twitter app are that I can't see my lists and it's hard to navigate beyond the home, connect, discover and me tabs. If I can't get any of my other Twitter apps to work, I'll use this one. However, it is worth mentioning since it is the official Twitter app.

Get it^ The Twitter app is available for free in iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and in Google Play for Android devices.


Echofon twitter appIf I'm tweeting from my phone, chances are I'm using the Echofon app. After testing out many different apps, it is by far my favorite. It's a straightforward app that tells you the number of unread tweets in the home stream and your mentions along with direct messages. Use your Twitter lists a lot? No problem. Find all of the lists you have created and the ones you are following at the bottom of the screen and switch between them with just a couple of taps on the screen.

The best part of the Echofon app is that you don't have to open the tweet to click on links, usernames or hashtags. That can be done directly from the streams, which saves time and energy. I also like that people can be added to lists directly from the app and the tweet extender is there for those times when a 140-character tweet just isn't enough. My only real complaint about this app is the ads on the free version. There is a pro version of the app that doesn't have ads, but I can't justify spending $5 on a Twitter app.

Get it^The free version of Echofon is available in iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and in Google Play for Android devices. Echofon Pro can be purchased for $5 in iTunes and in Google Play.


HootSuite twitter appMany people use HootSuite to manage their social media accounts on the computer. If you are one of those people, you'll definitely want to check out the HootSuite app. After downloading the app and logging into your account, you'll have access to all of your linked accounts including multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Not only can you read and send status updates from the various accounts, you can also add photos and videos, shorten links with and translate your Twitter messages into 50 different languages.

I'm not normally a numbers person, but I really like that you can see message click stats from tweets sent. If you have an Instapaper or Pocket account, you can connect them with HootSuite to read messages and articles later. In my opinion, it is not as user friendly as I would like, but it's definitely a powerful app and is useful for people who manage multiple social media accounts.

Get it^HootSuite is available for free in iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and in Google Play for Android devices.


Tweetbot twitter appTweetbot is described as “a Twitter client with personality.” While the app doesn't make me laugh out loud, it definitely makes tweeting on the go a breeze. It's easy to switch the timeline between home and lists so you don't miss anything from your favorite people. It also has many different “smart gestures” which include swiping to the right to view a conversation, to the left to view the details of a tweet. You can single tap tweets to reply, retweet or favorite, single tap links to see more and avatars to see profile information. Tapping and holding gives you options to read later, copy or email tweet.

If that's not enough tapping, you can also configure the triple tap to make replying, retweeting or favoriting even easier. Plus, if a certain user is getting a little annoying, you can mute them for specific time periods or even forever. I like that Tweetbot is trying to make the tweeting experience more efficient, but my tired mom brain has trouble remembering all the smart gestures.

Get it^Tweetbot is available for $3 in iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Twitterrific twitter appFrom what I've read, Twitterrific is the oldest Twitter app out there and apparently they even coined the term "tweet.” Now on its fifth version, Twitterrific is still a great app for tweeting from Apple devices. I love that the app doesn't really have a design. Instead, you can customize it to look how you want. Choose from a light or dark background, font styles and sizes, line spacing and even the size of profile photos in your feed. There are also gestures you can use including swiping to the right of a tweet, which lets you quick reply, and swiping the left lets you see conversations around that tweet.

Many users of Twitterrific really like the push notifications that tell you about updates even when you aren't using the app. Unlike most of the other Twitter applications, the buttons for home, mentions and direct messages are at the top. Not my favorite place for these buttons because banner notifications from my other applications get in the way. The other downside of this app is the price. It's hard to justify $5 for an app when there are free options available.

Get it^Twitterrific is available for $5 in iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Android-only apps

As a lover of Apple products, I've never used an Android device and probably never will. Therefore I can't give you complete reviews of Twitter apps for Androids but I can point you in the direction of some that have been highly recommended to me.

FalconPro twitter app

Falcon Pro has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 and has rave reviews in Google Play. This app can be purchased in Google Play for $2. There is also a free version of Falcon that has been highly rated but doesn't have as many features as the pro version.

Seesmic twitter app

Another popular app for Androids is Seesmic, which manages both Twitter and Facebook. It has an average rating of 4.3 in Google Play and seems to have many great features for staying connected on the go. The basic version of the app is free in Google Play. There is also a pro version that is ad free and has more features which can be purchased in Google Play for $3.

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