Posted: Nov 02, 2013 8:00 AM
Let's face it. We all want to share those precious photos we take of our kids. Instead of emailing them to friends and family, these top photo sharing apps will make it a breeze to pass along your special pictures.


Photo sharing apps- InstagramInstagram is by far the most popular photo sharing app. Now owned by Facebook, you can share square pictures and short video clips with your followers. With built-in editing features such as filters and blur, it's very easy to use. Similar to Twitter, hashtags can be used to tag your photos and videos and they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare with the tap of a button.

What I like about Instagram is that it's free and almost everyone uses it. I don't like that you can't follow people from your Twitter account anymore. Also, watch out for people stealing your images if your account isn't private.

GEt it^ Instagram is available for free in iTunes and in Google Play.


Photo sharing apps- FlickrFlickr has taken their popular photo sharing website to mobile devices with the Flickr app. Everyone gets a free terabyte of storage so you can share a whole lot of pictures and videos. Plus, they offer several filters you can use to edit your photos before posting and sharing with your social networks.

For those who already use Flickr on the web, this is a must-have app. My biggest complaint would be the recommended photos they add to my stream. They get in the way of what I really want to see.

GEt it^Flickr is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.


Photo sharing apps- OutmywindowOutmywindow is described as “your photo home.” Not only can you share your photographs with friends and family and/or your Twitter and Facebook networks, you can also store up to 5GB of photos. The photo storage option is nice because it's through the cloud and you can access pictures from different devices and platforms, helpful if you have an iPhone and an iPad. Another cool feature is the collaboration albums which allow multiple people to add photos to select photo albums. However, the app is definitely missing the photo editing functions that we all love to use.

GEt it^Outmywindow is available for free in iTunes and in Google Play.


Photo sharing apps- SnapchatUnlike many other photo sharing apps, Snapchat doesn't want a picture to last a lifetime. Instead, photos disappear from the viewer's device shortly after they are viewed. The goal is to encourage a connection around a moment rather than a beautiful image.

Snapchat is fun for sending quick, silly photos but keep an eye on your tweens and teens using the app. Also, beware that screenshots can be taken of the images before they disappear.

GEt it^Snapchat is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.


Photo sharing apps- BOnfyreThe Bonfyre app makes it easier than ever to virtually share your photos with groups of people. Great for events such as weddings, parties and vacations, Bonfyre allows you to create photo albums based on an event and share it with select people. You can even set it up so that your babysitter can share pictures of the kids while you are away. This app is taken one step further with private group text messaging.

The best part of Bonfyre is that it's a private photo sharing app so you don't have to worry about your images as much as you do with other apps. However, if you are part of a lot of Bonfyre groups, your notifications could get a little crazy, so you'll want to adjust those as needed.

GEt it^Bonfyre is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.


Photo sharing apps- EyeEmEyeEm is similar to Instagram, but not quite as easy to navigate. It has several filters and borders you can use for editing photos with a swipe of your finger. Pictures can be tagged with topics and locations or with captions before uploading and sharing to social networks such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

I like that it has different photo editing options and that it allows you to search photos by tags and location. The layout, however, is a bit busy and distracting for me.

GEt it^EyeEm is available for free in iTunes and in Google Play.

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