The entire world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby, who is rumored to be arriving any day now! The question is, where will you hear the news of the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's little one? Add these Twitter feeds, websites and Facebook pages to your royal stalking list to get the news as soon as it breaks.


The British Monarchy

Twitter HAndle^@TheBritishMonarchy

This is the Twitter account that literally announces every event that the Royal Family has on the calendar. Who knows? Maybe they'll accidentally slip up and tweet about Kate's OB appointment to have her membranes striped?

BBC Breaking News

Twitter HAndle^@BBCBreaking

The British Broadcasting Corporation is the authority on all things Brit and although they have multiple Twitter accounts for multiple audiences, we have our bets on them announcing the baby news via their @BBCBreaking feed.

Victoria Beckham

Twitter HAndle^@VictoriaBeckham

Let's get real. Victoria Beckham is going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag, isn't she? While she tends to keep her lips tightly sealed when she smiles in front of the camera, we have a hunch that she will blab as soon as word of the birth drops in the UK.


There are already swarms of press gathered outside of Kate and William's home and the hospital where she's said to be giving birth, waiting in anticipation. We hope they brought supplies to last for weeks, just in case the sweet little bundle of joy arrives past his or her due date!

HELLO! magazine

Online^Keep an eye on the HELLO! website for live streaming.

With a claim that's worth the crown jewels, HELLO! magazine, Britain's favorite tabloid publication, claims to have "secured the best spot outside of the hospital" to catch the moment when the Duke and Duchess leave with their daughter or son in their arms. Worth keeping an eye on? We think so.

Suri's Burn Book


There's nobody who is more annoyed with the impending arrival of the royal baby than Suri Cruise. Well, not Suri Cruise, exactly, but the blog that's written in her honor, Suri's Burn Book. Trust us when we say that "Suri" is going to throw a fit over the birth and she's not going to hold back.

The Royalist blog on The Daily Beast

Online^Add The Royalist to your list of must-watch online sources for all things royal baby.

Somebody get this guy a spot of (caffeinated) tea! The Daily Beast's blog, The Royalist, written and moderated by Brit Tom Sykes, has a live chat that's keeping tabs on all of the royal family movements as Kate is in her final days of pregnancy. This guy has the insider scoop for sure!

Naturally, don't miss all of the royal baby details on SheKnows, where you can even sign up to get texts that will alert you to royal baby news!

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