Whether your little one is getting ready to go back to school or just starting school for the first time, it seems like there are 1,001 things on your to-do list before Labor Day. And while you are hyper-focused on your child's needs, it's good to add some things on that list for you to do for yourself. After all, you deserve it!

Summer reading

stack of blue books

No need to reread the classics, but do pick up a new book you are interested in to read after dinner. Instead of curling up on the couch to watch TV, snuggle into a great read. I've recently read Science, Sense & Nonsense by Dr. Joe Schwarcz — a great read on gaining a bit of perspective on some of the hysteria that tends to get hyped up in the media and blogosphere. From the foods we eat to vaccinations, Dr. Schwarcz gets down to the scientific proof behind all the claims!

Bring a snack

Running around with my toddler, I easily get famished and realize I may not get to eat until after he gets fed and is ready for a nap, so carrying around a healthy snack is so important. I love the Kind Bars + Protein for a quick boost of energy without the added sugars. And no, dipping into your kids' snack bowl does not count.

Pencil it in

I'm a mom, and my plans may get cancelled last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, but that's not a reason not to make plans at all. Go ahead and make plans with friends, join a new book club, sign up for that yoga class you've been meaning to go to, and if things change, it's OK. At least you tried!

Repêchage Biolight Brightening Miracle MaskGet straight A's

Hopefully you enjoyed some sun outdoors the past few months, but fall is a great time to re-focus on getting your skin back to feeling and looking healthy, supple and smooth. Forget about BB and CC creams — go for the A's, as in alpha hydroxy acids, such as a gentle glycolic acid. A product with glycolic acid is just what your skin needs to reverse the damage caused by the summer sun's harmful UV rays. I recommend an at-home face mask, like the Repêchage Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask, to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and give your skin some much needed post-summer repair.

Meet new friends

Go ahead and introduce yourself. Most people are so timid to walk into a room and go up to a complete stranger and introduce themselves. And yet we encourage our kids to do this all the time with their peers. Say hello to someone new this fall — you never know, they may end up becoming a great confidant.

Get dressed up

When we get dressed up, we feel better about ourselves, and our kids will look at us as an example.

Pick up some new clothes for yourself this fall. Your kids are not the only ones that have to look good, and you should too. After all, when we get dressed up, we feel better about ourselves, and our kids will look at us as an example. If you stay in your pajamas to drop them off to school, why should they get out of theirs? Set the example. Visit a local boutique that can help you put a few outfits together that mix and match well. A little help from a fashion consultant (like a store stylist) won't cost you any extra money but will make the world of difference on getting the right key pieces. Just ask — they are most likely thrilled to help. And no, big box stores may not have this feature, so go local!

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