User-created videos were first made popular many years ago by YouTube. Now they have gone mobile… and social with video sharing apps. Here are some of the latest and greatest video apps along with reasons why users love to share snippets of their lives with them.


Vine app iconTwitter launched the Vine app in the beginning of 2013 which really set off the video sharing app craze. Vine allows users to post short video clips (currently six seconds) created within the app. The videos play on loop in the newsfeed and users can scroll through to watch them, liking, commenting and even revining (resharing) videos they like.

We like that Vine is for video only. You know going into the app that your feed will be videos and you can adjust your volume accordingly. The channels are a fun feature for exploring videos from users you aren't following and can also get your videos seen by more people.

On the other hand, the revining feature means that your feed might contain videos from users you don't know and don't follow. For some, this can be annoying. It also means that other people can revine your videos to their followers — parents should be aware of this before posting videos of their kids (although setting your account to private will block videos from being revined). Also, adult content has been known to show up on Vine so don't let your children use the app unsupervised.

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Instagram app iconNot to be outdone by Twitter and Vine, Instagram (owned by Facebook) released video on Instagram. Now Instagram lovers have the option of posting a photograph or a short video ranging from three to 15 seconds. Videos are marked with a little video camera in the upper right-hand corner and will start playing automatically if you stop on the video in your feed. Same as with Instagram photos, users can like and comment on the videos.

Millions of people are already using Instagram so it's an easy transition to start adding videos. Users like that there is no need to go to a separate app and try to build a new following. The videos on Instagram are longer than Vine and they can be recorded both in the app and from your phone's media library. Plus, Instagram has filters and we all love our filters.

For those that were used to straight photos on Instagram, it can be a little hard to get used to the addition of video in the newsfeed, especially if you weren't expecting the sound from the video.

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MixBit app iconFrom the co-founders of YouTube comes the latest video sharing app, MixBit. Users can take multiple clips of video up to 16 seconds long and put them together into a video that contains as many as 256 clips or up to one hour in length. All of the editing can be done right from your phone and the final result is one seamless video. A feature unique to MixBit is the ability to create collaborative videos by using clips of videos uploaded by other users.

MixBit is very new to the app scene but I anticipate that it will do well with those who love creating and sharing videos. The ability to rearrange, cut and delete clips right from the app is a nice feature and will result in some very creative productions.

While MixBit focuses on allowing users to create collaborative videos, it doesn't have the same community features that Instagram and Vine have. You can't follow other users, like or comment on videos but you can watch featured videos in the app or on the website. If they really want the app to contend with the other video sharing apps, they will have to work on adding these features.

Get it^Download MixBit for free in iTunes and it should be available soon for Android devices.

For some other social video apps check out Viddy and Socialcam.

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